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Paula, CHS, Certified Level 3 Metabolic Effect Nutritional Coach

Paula is the owner/creator behind Whole IntentionsVarious family health issues including Lyme disease, food allergies, and candida have given her a passion to write about fitness, health, and natural living. She and her husband Travis have been married for 21 years and homeschool their six children.

As Whole Intentions has grown over the years, we've come to appreciate the fellowship of other like-minded writers and their unique way of expressing passion for similar topics. Our team of contributing writers bring fresh perspectives while we all continue to focus on intentionally living healthy and fit.

I'd love to introduced you to:


Hello. I'm Andrea. I'm from Southern Ohio and live in West Michigan. I'm married, have 2 dogs and 3 cats and work full time in the Criminal Justice field dealing specifically with alcoholics. I'm a lover of fitness, movies and animals. I love trying new fitness adventures, I'm an avid runner and am competing in my first Triathlon in June. I suffer from Severe Depression and love to share my stories of fitness and a healthy life on my blog Andrea Runs Off Crazy.

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Jennifer S.

Hi, everyone! My name is Jenn. I live in Southwestern Minnesota with my sweet husband, special former preemie son, and a ball of fluff we call our cat. I'm a former nurse, now at-home-Mama trying my best to serve God in this life. My days are usually filled with giggles, pattering ankle braces, and therapy fun. When I'm not doing that, I'm getting my hands dirty with plants, making endless food for my boys, reading books, and making oily things for my home! I hope what I share here helps you to better know about Young Living Essential Oils and how to use them well!

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Hi. I'm Shaela Haney. I reside in beautiful Colorado with my husband, 4 children, and 2 dogs. I enjoy fitness, cooking from scratch, reading mostly fiction,  fermenting foods, and exploring nature. I homeschooled my children up til now, and I am putting them back in school starting in the Fall.  In my previous life before kids and hubs, I got a BS in Speech Communication Disorders and worked as a waitress, but my dream job is to be a cake decorator. Maybe some day. I hope to inspire readers to try their hand at making time for themselves, doing things they love, and trying new and fresh ideas. Life is full of adventures and seasons, each full of possibilities.

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Jennifer H..

Jennifer juggles the ongoing needs of her of her husband of 20 years, two athletic teenagers, a cardboard-eating Catahoula pup, and a full-time job. Each day she makes greater progress in her goals toward simpler eating and living in the midst of constant busyness.

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My name is Rebecca. I recently just moved back to Texas after living abroad in South Asia for a few years. Paula has helped me tremendously in getting my health back together after severe health issues. I am videographer by trade but desire to live gratefully, humbling, and hopefully. I recently got engaged and will be getting married in the spring to my amazing fiancé. I love Jesus, people, ideas, and guacamole – in that order.

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