The Kicking Candida Program is the most comprehensive candida program that I've ever seen. Simple and practical, yet personalized with a hands-on coach every step of the way. Paula is my go-to for all things candida and I highly recommend her.

If you need to rid your body of candida there's no other program I'd recommend.​
Shannon Miles
Paula's Kicking Candida Program is the best out there! The information is solid and the practical steps Paula teaches are simple to implement (a must!).

I love the program she's put together. Anyone with candida will feel hopeful that they can finally kick candida for good!
Wardee Harmon
Owner - Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS
Hi, I’m Collette from South Africa.

I met Paula online 3 years ago by what I though was pure accident, but Paula was actually a God sent.

I had been ill for years, back and forth to doctors, all sorts of tests, scans and scopes. No-one could find out what was wrong with me, yet I was constantly feeling ill. I clearly remember the doctor's face when he saw me and the look of "not you again". I started feeling like they thought that I was a hypochondriac.

I remember lying on the bed one Saturday morning and my husband asking if we could take the kids out for the day. I felt so tired - it was like I was taking my last breath. And to be honest, I would have been happy to do so. By that point I was too tired to even fight back.

After years of battling with extreme exhaustion, nausea, ear itching, vaginal infections (the list of my symptoms are endless), a friend referred me to a homeopath. Honestly I was very skeptical, but so desperate that I made an appointment and went to see the alternative healer.

This is when I was told that I had Candida. I had no clue what this was, or the effect Candida has on the body and even life itself.

As soon as I got back from seeing the homeopath, I started googling what Candida was. It was such an awesome feeling knowing that what I was experiencing was not in my head, that I was not a hypochondriac, and that others were suffering from the same thing. While googling I came across Paula’s website Whole Intentions. The tears just welled up (and they still do) at the thought of someone knowing and understanding what I am going through. She gets me.

It's difficult to put into words what Paula has done for me. She gave me my life back. I was ready to take my last breath and Paula made me take my first breath to a Candida-free life. She laid the pathway and I just had to walk it. Paula’s Kicking Candida Program is easy to follow and most of all it works. She's is always there to support and advise.

Paula unselfishly gives of herself to help others by sharing her personalised, hands-on, step-by-step guide to curing Candida. Not only have I overcome candida using Paula’s program, but the weight has just fallen off. When I met Paula I wore a size 14, I’m now down to a size 8.

The best part about Paula’s program is that it's inspired by her own life experience and her battle with candida. It makes a difference when your mentor knows what you are going through and the struggles you face on your journey. If you are battling with candida, this is the program for you. It works and it's easy to follow.
Collette M.
procurement manager, mother of three
The Kicking Candida Program is a step-by-step program where Paula guides you through the process of healing your gut start to finish. Paula provides coaching that not only gets results but offers an in-depth education on gut health and why and how the program works.

If you are ready for real results and lasting lifestyle change that will bring you better overall health, I recommend working with Paula. 
Kelly Rompel
Pharm D. and Holistic Health Coach
What I appreciate and love most about Paula is her passion for helping others live a healthier, more nourished life. There are so many of us who are in need of mentors to help guide us and encourage us on our path to improved health and wellness.

Paula is by far one of my favorite healthy living coaches, which is why I’ve pointed so many of my friends and readers to her, and continually recommend her.
Kelly Smith
Author, Owner - The Nourishing Home
I’ve struggled for a while with yeast issues to the point that I have had to be on medication every few months. Kicking Candida isn’t a quick fix. . .Paula’s The Kicking Candida Program provides support like I’ve never seen.

You wouldn’t believe what factors will affect candida, and Kicking Candida is a true wealth of information that everyone needs to see for themselves! It’s broken down in a way that won’t overwhelm you, and the pace is reasonable.
Becca C.
homeschooling mom of four
I have been blessed to know Paula almost my whole life. Her knowledge is endless on Candida and an overall more natural way of living. She is quick to help and answer any questions! I love her practical approach! She comes at it from a realistic way of dealing with it all. She's a mother with a full quiver and she knows how difficult that can be will trying to balance a healthy way of living.

She is one of the most dedicated people I've ever met. She does research on everything so you know if she recommends something that it really is the best option. She has a beautiful and kind heart which is expressed in her hard work of putting all of these things together so we can have access to all we need to fight Candida right at our finger tips.
Leah S.
waitress, mother of one
Paula was so encouraging and helpful in pointing me in the right direction to make the choices I needed and wanted to make. She is so knowledgeable yet approachable in her coaching. I am glad to have had the input and help from her during my time in Metabolism Unlocked.
Julie T.
Metabolism Unlocked has helped me learn what is best for my body. It goes deeper than just weight loss - it's working on hormone imbalance. I feel better. I'm sleeping better, feeling more alert, and not craving sugars like I used to. I've actually started to lose weight, and my clothes fit better!
Charissa M.
mother of two
I love all of this, which I can't believe I'm saying, because I have always HATED anything to do with changing how I eat or trying to lose weight. I feel great, and for the first time ever I have things broken down into little steps for me.

My food cravings are literally the lowest they've been for as long as I can remember. I'm feeling better than I've felt in a while. My food cravings are literally the lowest they've been for as long as I can remember. I'm feeling better than I've felt in a while. In the two weeks since I started Metabolism Unlocked I've been sleeping better, my energy is a tad bit higher, and I've lost 10 pounds.

After so many years of feeling terribly out of control, I can hardly describe how good it feels to have someone help make a plan for me to start regaining control.
Alyssa T.
mother of six
After I listen to a webinar about Metabolism Unlocked, I decided to sign up. I felt that I knew a lot about my body, nutrition, & supplements…but I never knew how much more there was to learn!

From the first conversation I had with Paula I was fascinated by her knowledge and learned so much from her! She's very kind and motivating and had suggestions for every road block or struggle I threw at her. I don’t enjoy cooking and I don’t like to spend time in the kitchen. This was no problem for Paula, she helped me tailor a meal plan with simple, easy to make recipes.

After the first 7-10 days, I was no longer bloated or constipated. Further into the program I noticed my face & skin just looked healthier, and the chronic issue I had with bloody stool was dissipating. If you feel your body is not working at its optimum state, I would highly recommend this program!
Pamela B.
Thanks to Paula's recommendations and guidance in Metabolism Unlocked, I am losing weight, body fat, and inches as well as healing my gut.

She put a lot of study and work into developing a program personalized to my individual needs, was always available for support and encouragement, and was very patient with all my questions. She has given me the tools I need for a healthy future.
Beth C.
Paula has laid such a good foundation for us to grow from. She is always there to help and guide us along the way.

Trust me, I had many weak days and I had to fight many demons to push through, but it eventually sunk in that we are not on a diet - it's a way of life.

Find the foods and exercises that you are most comfortable with and make it part of your lifestyle. Never give up, regardless of how hopeless you are feeling, perseverance and dedication does pay off.
Collette M.
procurement manager, mother of three
The encouragement and accountability was just what I needed. ​
Rachel E.
homesteading, homeschooling mother of seven
I'm so glad I had the chance to be part of this program! I was shocked that I had gone from no energy to feeling great all day within a few weeks.
Tracey C.
mother of four
Paula is.... Easy to get to know. Fantastically down to earth. Super fun to chat with. Researches things to death to find answers. Someone that will ask you later how you are doing.

Paula enjoys digging in to find answers to food related problems. She has been an encourager on my own food journey and is always willing to lend an ear or some succinct piece of information that I was previously lacking.
Crystal M.
pastor's wife, homeschooling mom to four
Paula's been a invaluable source of support and encouragement as I've worked my way to a healthier lifestyle. She is thorough and explains things in a way that's understandable.

She's been a huge part of my journey and has been a motivation to me to continue bettering my food and eating habits for my health and for my family. She challenges me to take that extra step and to have confidence in myself to keep going.
Gail Q.
daycare provider, mother of four
Paula has been extremely helpful and down to earth in our conversations about food and exercise. She is patient with all my questions and thorough in her answers.

I don't consider myself a 'foodie' and appreciate that she encourages me to do the best that I can with the budget we have set for our family for food. After our talks I always feel encouraged to keep going and making wise choices for my family and myself.

When things don't seem to be helping me reach my goals, she helps me try to figure out what the problem is! She's been a valuable resource in the areas of nutrition and exercise!
Gail H.
certified fitness instructor, mother of five
Knowing Paula for 15+ years has allowed me the opportunity to get to know her quite well. She is kind, compassionate, and genuinely cares about people. She brings her good listening skills, her kindness, and her wisdom into everything she does.

Many times I have come to her with questions about life, about myself, and about my children’s health. Not only does she give options and helps in anyway she can, she follows up later on, revealing how much she truly cares about helping people.
Ana E.
piano instructor, mother of three
I have watched Paula over the years, adapting to various diets for the health of her family. I've never once heard her bemoan the fact that it was going to take effort on her part - she would look with anticipation to find new recipes that would work.

She spends a lot of time researching things, and when I struggle with the eating plan that I need to be on, she goes above and beyond to help me while coming alongside with encouragement.
Connie R.
Since working with Paula I've lost 5 notches on my belt! I'm so motivated now to keep with it and continue getting results!
Kristine M.
mother of four
Paula has been extremely helpful on this journey of eating healthy and finding out what I need. She’s been there for me since the beginning – a wonderful support and good listener.
Anne M.
mother of four
I love recommending Paula's site, Whole Intentions, to my friends. It’s full of great ideas for making life more full and healthy - holistically. Or should I say, "Wholelistically?" 🙂

Having met Paula in person, I can say that she is a joy to be around and genuinely cares for the people in her life and the people she writes for. She's a great friend to have as an advocate for living well.
Anjanette Barr
Owner - Anjanette Barr
Paula's a passionate whole food advocate - she's learned so much in her own health journey and now devotes her time to teaching others how to cook delicious meals through her blog.

When you have Paula to coach and teach you how to eat clean and stay fit, you're already a step ahead!
Sarah I.
pastor's wife, homeschooling mother of three
The information in Candida-Fighting Herbs & Essential Oils is helpful in fighting candida in a practical way without expensive ingredients. Thank you for helping me fight this disease that has taken over my health!
Kristy L.
Wow, love Candida-Fighting Herbs & Essential Oils, it's amazing. Very good information - things I didn't know herbs and oils could do. Great ideas to know how to use them in the kitchen.
Anne M.
mother of four
After finding out I had SIBO and Candida I found Candida-Fighting Herbs & Essential Oils and was able to find things that helped me fight both issues. The essential oils were able to help me both as anti-fungals and in everyday life. I look forward to using the things I've learned on the rest of my family.
Sarah S.
Today as medical consumers it's important that we do our own research and take responsibility for our own health. Most doctors aren't trained to treat the underlying causes, but symptoms only, using pharmaceuticals that cause the body additional unintended harm.

Paula's newest book, Candida-Fighting Herbs & Essential Oils is a great addition to her candida-fighting arsenal. She's very knowledgeable on candida, candida-fighting treatments, and how to NOT cause yourself additional extreme discomfort with a sudden & sever candida die-off (called a Herxheimer reaction).

She gives a great explanation as to what candida is and explains her family's journey in fighting this particularly pernicious pest. She lists nine herbs, eight of which can also be found as an essential oil and provides links to her research. She doesn't leave you with just the information, but also provides links to great recipes using them as well!

I'm someone who's passionate about teaching others the importance of taking control of their own health and living a toxic free lifestyle. Paula has provided you with well-researched information in Candida-Fighting Herbs & Essential Oils.
Evelyn R.
Young Living Silver
It's almost scary to think that most of us have an overgrowth of candida in our bodies considering all of the negative effects it can have on us. I'm continuing to learn how important it is to keep candida in check, but it can be overwhelming considering all of the diet recommendations out there.

Paula's Healing Candida with Food takes much of the mystery out of a candida diet by offering a great summary of expert information, plus many easy-to-create recipes made without a lot of strange ingredients.

It would make a great addition to anyone's natural health library!
Kristen Smith
Trained Herbalist, Certified Aromatherapist, Owner - A Better Way to Thrive
Where was this book 3 years ago when I was treating one of my girls for candida? Paula explains the ins and outs of eating to heal your body through food. The diet is broken down and easy to follow.

Healing Candida with Food is full of mouth-watering recipes that catch your eye and making you hungry from start to finish.

Even people who don't suffer from candida will learn from and enjoy this book. You and your family will love these simple and healthy dishes that will heal your body!
Katie Mae S.
Owner - Nourishing Simplicity
Candida issues are vastly confusing and frustrating, but Paula has truly created an incredibly comprehensive guide addressing the topic. Her book provides help and encouragement for those dealing with the vast assortment of symptoms and issues related to their imbalance of yeast. With grace and charm, she walks the reader through the basics of candida and offers delicious homemade recipes to cover every aspect of nutrition at home. Healing Candida with Food is a must-have for anyone dealing with candida, no matter the scale or magnitude.
Tiffany Crumbs
Owner - Don't Waste the Crumbs
As a person who has been deeply entrenched in Real Food and a holistic lifestyle for more than a decade, I was surprised by how much I learned in this excellent eBook.

If you suspect you are suffering from candida overgrowth, this is your best resource. Not only does Paula give a concise explanation of what candida is and how to know if you have a problem, but she also gives you a simple yet thorough game plan for how to heal. After all, what good is a diagnosis without knowing how to heal?

Healing Candida with Food is overflowing with delicious meals so you can heal without feeling at all deprived.
The path of healing our bodies of candida can be overwhelming to navigate. Paula has given us the tools, and courage, to fight for our health with tasty recipes and first hand knowledge.

I highly recommend giving Healing Candida with Food a read!
Shannon Miles
Paula's blog has become my go-to resource for information on candida. I love that this book presents that information in both a personal and practical manner.

Paula has been there. She knows what you are going through - AND what to do about it! With over 130 recipes to guide you on your path to health, Healing Candida with Food is invaluable.
Anjanette Barr
Owner - Anjanette Barr
Healing Candida with Food is a treasure trove of recipes! Even if you simply want to eat healthier you'll find a great collection of healthy go-to ideas for a variety of tastes and preferences.
Owner - Cheapskate Cook
The recipes are great, and don't just apply to people with yeast overgrowth. There are a lot of people who avoid sugars and grains in their diet. Just because it's targeted to candida sufferers doesn't mean others can't benefit from Paula's hard work in Healing Candida with Food.
Virginia George
Owner - Virginia George
The Sweeter Side of Candida is a valuable resource for everyone (not just people with candida). Not only does it include a huge variety of delicious desserts that are all completely sugar free, but it contains humor, biblical insight, and an amazing resource page.

I have a great amount of respect for these ladies and the hard work they put into this. It’s going to be a blessing to many people, including my own family.
Owner - Simple Life, Abundant Life
This is a cookbook that is well overdue. So many people suffer with candida and yet there isn’t a single cookbook out there to help them weather all the traditional holiday baking. That is until now!

The Sweeter Side of Candida cookbook is sure to please your waistline and taste buds, but none of these recipes will please the candida!
Evelyn R.
Young Living Silver
The Sweeter Side of Candida is a recipe book I can highly recommend. Paula and Sarah both have personal experience with candida and share their stories at the beginning of the book, personalizing it.

They give some very helpful information on the two sweeteners used stevia and xylitol, which was very sound and consistent with the healthy principles I am comfortable with. And they have lots of great looking recipes with photos – lots of great photos. By the time you finish the e-book you want to start baking.

This is a great book for anyone needing to reduce sugar even if you don’t think you have candida. And for those struggling with candida, this is a lifeline that will help you hang on and defeat it.
Owner - Purposeful Nutrition
Candida sufferers are in for a treat! The Sweeter Side of Candida cookbook is full of biblical wisdom, quick wit, and a ton of recipes for sweet treats the whole family can enjoy…Perfect for special occasions and holidays!
Owner - Nourishing Faith and Family
The Sweeter Side of Candida is a book dedicated to desserts that a wheat-free, sugar-free, dairy-free family can tolerate. This would include diabetics and people following a paleo or primal diet. It is well-researched and will become a staple cookbook for any sugar-free family.
Virginia George
Owner - Virginia George
I was on a candida diet 5 years ago, oh, how I wish The Sweeter Side of Candida existed then. I missed the occasional treat, but you don’t have too! Paula and Sarah have done a wonderful job at combining recipes and research to create one fabulous cookbook. Not only will you find over 70 delicious recipes, but you’ll also learn more about candida, baking tips, shopping lists and much more.

Bake something to satisfy your sweet tooth while kicking candida to the curb.
Owner - Simple Foody
The Sweeter Side of Candida is packed with an awesome assortment of recipes, and I already have a list going of some I want to try soon! Candida is something we have to be conscious of in our home, and it is so nice to have a place to turn when the sweet tooth strikes now and then.

Paula and Sarah share a real heart to encourage health, and that shines through their book! It is definitely worth having for anyone who is dealing with candida, needs to eat sugar-free, or just wants to have more options when it comes to desserts.
Kristen Smith
Trained Herbalist, Certified Aromatherapist, Owner - A Better Way to Thrive
After losing 50 pounds with the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan, I was befuddled over how to handle the upcoming holidays. In years past, the whole family has been involved in making tons of candy and cookies to share with friend and family as gifts. It was a VERY big part of the holiday season for us, and one that I thought I’d have to lose on a sugar-free lifestyle. The few attempts I'd made at baking with low carb flours and sugar alcohols were not impressive. After years in the kitchen, I felt like I was all thumbs with these new ingredients that didn't behave like the ones I was used to.

Imagine my utter delight at discovering the amazing collection of sugar free and low carb holiday recipes in The Sweeter Side of Candida cookbook…caramel, toffee, truffles, cakes and cookies really CAN be a part of a sugar-free celebration! Now, I can even feel great about sharing treats with diabetic family members.

The cookbook is gorgeous; the recipes are innovative and delicious, and all but 2 of the recipes fit with my Trim Healthy Mama eating plan. In fact, I provide an index that types every one of the 70+ recipes for THM on my book review for the Sweeter Side of Candida.

I'm forever grateful to Sarah and Paula for putting together this amazing and comprehensive special occasion cookbook for those of us who want our sweets AND continued good health.
Owner - Gwen's Nest
Paula and Sarah hit the sweet tooth on the head with their The Sweeter Side of Candida dessert cookbook. Not only is it filled with a wide variety of tempting treats, but it’s a veritable smorgasbord of candida information.

The girls offer hope and encouragement alongside a heaping helping of Whatever Your Fancy Truffles. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into Chocolate Loca Moca Cake or treat my family to Chocolate Coma Fudge, all the while knowing I’m nurturing a healthy balance.

The girls explain the use of alternative sweeteners clearly, easing the transition from traditional sweeteners. I like that the majority of the recipe ingredients are already in my pantry. In fact, there is only one ingredient I’ll have to add to my supply. Readers new to this style of eating may have to add a few extras, but nothing too crazy or difficult to hunt down.

I’m looking forward to putting candida in its place while eating my way through this delightful cookbook.
Owner - The Simple Homemaker
Candida on Ice is amazing! These recipes combine eating healthy and yummy food! The strawberry slush was a really good one. I didn’t think eating on the candida diet could taste so good!

These recipes are so delicious and I wanted to try them all. I love all the ice cream recipes! My favorite is the Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough. I was so excited to find a recipe for ice cream cookie dough that is totally gluten-free and uses no refined sugar. Since we have pets in the house, I substituted maple syrup for the xylitol granules. The taste was outstanding!!

And then, last but not all least is the scrumptious Candida-Dilly Bars. I had been craving dipped bars like these for a while but couldn’t find a tasty recipe until now. Candida-friendly recipes that taste good are extremely hard to find. These recipes are wonderful and I highly recommend this book.
Rebekah B.
Owner - Naturally Blessed Mama
Paula Miller's Candida on Ice is genius! For families like mine dealing with allergies, it is a total win! Not only does it use ingredients that are healthy and safe for my family, the combination of ingredients taste amazing.

I literally whipped up the Vanilla Ice Cream recipe in five minutes. I turned on the ice cream maker during dinner and in 20 minutes, we had a delicious dessert that brought all smiles from my kids with requests for seconds. I cannot wait to make the Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough Ice Cream! Thank you, Paula for this creative book of treats!
Kathryn B.
Owner - Musik at Home
Candida on Ice is right on time for me! I have just started following a ketogenic way of eating, PLUS I am vegan. The recipes in the book, although not exclusively vegan, contain healthy fats and use xylitol sweetener, just what my sweet tooth needed on this low carb, high fat way of eating!

I am in LOVE with the creamy, chocolatey goodness of the Chocolate ice cream recipe! Paula shares great tips like blending the xylitol first. I wasn't enjoying the texture of the way things turned out when I used xylitol, now I have the answer! Thanks so much for the great recipes!
Angela M.
CHHC, Owner - Real, Whole Health
I am absolutely in love with Candida on Ice. The recipes are delicious and a perfect clean treat when my sweet tooth strikes.

As a busy mom, I appreciate the ease with which I can make each of the recipes. This book makes the Candida diet lifestyle more enjoyable.
Premier Executive Media
We love Candida on Ice! The recipes are simple and easy and DELICIOUS!! My kids ask for these ice cream recipes over the store bought "natural" ice cream we used to get. I can now give my family great tasting treats without the guilt!! Love it!
Jacqueline F.
homeschooling mother of five
My family made the Snickerdoodle ice cream from Candida on Ice and we loved it! It mixed up quickly and was a great project for my daughter to help with. My daughter declared it to be "the best ever" and that says a lot, 4 year olds are picky!
Kailyn S.
Owner - Our New England Home