Does the idea of eating clean sound good, but you get stuck when trying it?

Understanding the why behind eating healthier, whole foods isn’t the problem, it’s trying to figure out how to do it – how to organize a menu and what that looks like when you’re the cook.

  • Have you ever wished for an explain on what 'eating clean' really means?
  • Do you wonder what a clean-eating menu plan looks like?
  • Does the thought of taking the leap into menu planning scare you - and you'd rather learn by example first?
  • Would you like your first menu plan, shopping list, and to-do list organized for you?

If you’re a little intimidated by the thought of creating menu plans that willsatisfy your family and keep your sanity intact, order your copy of The Taste of Clean-Eating and let me help you get started.

I love recommending Paula's site, Whole Intentions, to my friends. It’s full of great ideas for making life more full and healthy - holistically. Or should I say, "Wholelistically?" 🙂

Having met Paula in person, I can say that she is a joy to be around and genuinely cares for the people in her life and the people she writes for. She's a great friend to have as an advocate for living well.
Anjanette Barr
Owner - Anjanette Barr
Paula's a passionate whole food advocate - she's learned so much in her own health journey and now devotes her time to teaching others how to cook delicious meals through her blog.

When you have Paula to coach and teach you how to eat clean and stay fit, you're already a step ahead!
Sarah I.
pastor's wife, homeschooling mother of three

What's Inside?

The Taste of Clean Eating

A fully-planned menu to encourage whole & healthy eating
$ 4
  • 25+ recipes
  • shopping list
  • to do list

Over 25 from-scratch recipes (+ healthy snack ideas) are laid out onto a simple menu plan. The shopping and ‘to-do’ lists are organized down to the very last detail so you have a working menu plan to learn from easily.

Psst. Tired of trying to lose weight?

Are you like me? Do you exercise and eat fairly healthy – but when you step on the scale you grimace at the result? You’ve tried Weight Watchers, juice cleanses, shakes, fad diets, and celery sticks. But the weight either doesn’t budge, or you lose it all only to gain it back – and then some.

I get it. I’ve been the woman who watches her portions, works hard to eat healthy, and exercises — yet still can’t lose fat. Is there a magic formula? A cure-all pill?

Nope. It’s just a little bit of science, hormones, and learning to unlock your metabolism.