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#NaturalAlternatives in dental care by WholeIntentions.com(source)

Our dentist office is great. The dentist is kind to the little ones, the office is clean and orderly, and the assistants are cheerful and friendly.

So why do I grimace when those reminder postcards come in the mail? Why do I procrastinate when making routine check-ups and cleaning appointments?

Because I’m frustrated.  Frustrated with the idea that brushing and flossing are the only ways to prevent cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease. Frustrated with textbook answers. And don’t get me started on the toxic waste called fluoride they want us to put in our mouths! (Which, by the way, is more toxic than lead and creates warning labels on toothpaste that say, “if swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.” But I digress. That’s for another post.)

Please don’t misunderstand me. I think there are great dentists (ours included) who really are concerned about their patients and strive to bring us the best dental care they know to give – but the best possible dental care they know how to give comes out of those textbooks.

Herein lies the problem.

You can read the rest of the article at A Delightful Home where I’m guest posting today. If you haven’t been to Stacy’s blog yet, be sure to grab a cup of tea and stay awhile. She focuses on looking to God for peace and joy, practical homemaking tips, yummy real food recipes, and activities to enjoy with your kids.






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Paula, CHS, Certified Level 3 Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant

Paula, CHS, Certified Level 3 Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant

Hi, I'm Paula - wife and homeschooling mom of six. Several family health issues involving candida, food allergies, and Lyme Disease have created a passion to better understand our God-created bodies. Today I share that enthusiasm by bringing you information on ways to improve your gut health. You can follow me on Facebook, and Pinterest.
Paula, CHS, Certified Level 3 Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant
Paula, CHS, Certified Level 3 Metabolic Effect Nutrition Consultant

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    6 replies to "Natural Dental Care"

    • Anjanette

      Don’t know if you’ve read about my dental drama… http://www.raisingthebarrs.com/2012/03/early-childhood-tooth-decay-post-partum-decay-and-coras-teeth-1-year-later/ It is definitely a frustrating subject!

    • Tiffany

      My husband and I have recently been watching a lot of the documentaries on Netflix about food – and it’s effect(s) on the body.

      Dental care was talked about a lot in one of the movies we watched – not to mention cancer, heart disease etc…

      We’re becoming believers that “you are what you eat.”

      Thanks for the post – and the guest post.


    • Lori

      I clicked on your post because I’ve been a dental hygienist for almost 30 years. Hopefully I”m one of those “nice assistants” that you reference. While I agree that there are WAY too many dental products on the market, I can’t think of a more natural way to prevent tooth decay and gum disease than brushing and flossing. Whether you use toothpaste or not, use store-bought dental floss or yarn from the neighbor’s sheep, these simple mechanical means for cleaning our teeth work great with no chemicals 🙂 Since I try to avoid anything unnatural in my body too, this is very empowering to me. Less than 4 minutes a day, and I’m well on my way to happy, healthy teeth :). Thanks for raising awareness of this important component of health!

    • Kristen @ Smithspirations

      We use tooth powder at home, and I love using something so inexpensive and effective! I make it with baking soda, sea salt, and various herbs. Lately I’ve been adding a tiny pinch of chili powder as I’ve heard it is good for oral health.


      It’s awfully nice to not fear going to the dentist! 🙂

    • Stevia

      The only way to get rid of dental problems is by decreasing the consumption of sugar in your diet. Alternatively you can use Stevia, which is healthier and safer for teeth.

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