The comfort zone. It is where we feel…well, comfortable. Where we know the ins and outs and are confident enough to manage what’s happening. However, sometimes it’s like a cage we stay inside of, even though the door is wide open. Who knows what’s out there! A few months back I wrote about how to find ways to step out of your comfort zone. Today, I want to share some things I’ve learned along the way!

In my experience, it’s sometimes fabulous, and sometimes not what I expected.

Stepping out of my fitness comfort zone

About six months ago, I was nearing the end of my running and triathlon season. I started thinking about what I could do to stay active and busy. Yes, I had a gym membership – I go every morning. But in the evenings the gym is always full, and after work is when I tend to become lazy. I knew if I didn’t find something to do, I would become a “couch potato” for the winter.

Then, I saw a Facebook post. The advert went something like:

“Ever wanted to try ROLLER DERBY?! Don’t know how to skate? No worries! We will teach you! So come check out the fun!”

And so I did. I filled out the form and went to the info session.

I was excited. Something new. Meeting new people. Plus, a super active sport that doesn’t get my feet wet from running in the snow!

I got gear. Lots of gear! The team is very safety conscious: elbow and knee pads, helmet, mouth guard, wrist guards. The works. So there I was, all geared up.



I was out of my comfort zone! So much so it was like my comfort zone was across the world! The last time I skated was about 30 years ago. I was like a baby giraffe learning to walk on ice. There was falling, but so much laughing and support from everyone!

Lessons learned

I kept going. I volunteered at games. Cheered on the teams. Helped spruce up the arena for game night. I learned the penalties and how to track the players. I loved being a part of something new and exciting with some amazing people!

Some days it was great, but some days I felt as if I wasn’t picking up on anything. After about four months we neared the holidays. The team wrapped up the year and took a break until after the New Year. No more practice after work, no more coming home late at night.

During the break found I liked being home more. I started to think about triathlon season coming up (that is where my heart truly lies) and realized that during roller derby I was afraid of getting hurt badly enough I wouldn’t be able to compete in triathlons. So, I made the decision to stop skating.

The great part though is that I was able to still be a part of this amazing group of people by becoming a non-skating official! I could still be there for games. I could help on the cusp of the league with important tasks such as scorekeeping, penalty tracking, and game timing! A win-win!

You’ll never know unless you try

Sometimes, stepping out of our comfort zone is scary. Sometimes it’s a success, and sometimes it’s a fail. BUT if you don’t step out, you’ll never know your capabilities, options, or opportunities. And you never know, branching out may not be as bad as you thought.

And that one step will lead to more!

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? What did you learn from trying something new, I would love to hear from you!



Hello. I'm Andrea. I'm from Southern Ohio and live in West Michigan. I'm married, have 4 dogs and 5 cats and work full time in the Criminal Justice field as a Case Manager for a Specialty Treatment Court Program. I'm a lover of fitness, movies and animals. I love trying new fitness adventures, I'm an avid runner and Triathlete. I suffer from Severe Depression and love to share my stories of fitness and a healthy life on my blog at Andrea Runs Off Crazy.

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