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I’ve written before about the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and different types of exercise I’ve tried. I’m always looking for new ways to change things up and make fitness as interesting as possible. Sometimes what I try works for me, sometimes it doesn’t. However, it is about stepping out and seeing what works. What brings excitement and makes one want more.

Kickboxing made me want more!

Kickboxing love at first sight

I’ll admit that I would’ve struggled to walk into a kickboxing class on my own. Luckily, I had a friend post on Facebook that the center she frequently took classes was offering a special. If you took their class, it would support a program that would bring more health programs to low-income families with elementary girls in our community. So, I had the ability to support a great charity and see what this kickboxing craze was about. Plus, I would know someone there, which always helps.

Once the instructor knew I’d never taken a class before, she took me aside to show me some basics before class started. I noticed that seasoned students had equipment. Some were wrapping their wrists and hands with long colorful wraps and there was a variety of gloves. Some had your basic boxing gloves, some had colorful fancy gloves, and others had what I would later learn were mixed martial arts gloves with finger openings.


The upbeat instructor was very excited to have new people in the class and quickly moved around the room and boxing bags to see how everyone was doing. She used a head microphone and heart pumping music while encouraging everyone to utilize their power in the punches and kicks while easily correcting you if your form was a little off. She was inspiring and made me want to really, really work hard and strong. I was sweating like crazy just after the warmup! So, I KNEW the class itself was going to be a good workout.

After the warmup, there were various kicking and punching combinations, freestyle choice (picking whatever punches, kicks or combinations you wanted to do), speed work, partner work, high-intensity bodyweight work, core work, and finally the stretching cooldown. When I was done, I said, “Now that is the upper body and core workout of my dreams!” I felt strong. relieved of stress, and ready to conquer the coming week.

I was in love with kickboxing!

Kickboxing without excuses

After that, I tried a couple of other places that were similar, but I didn’t feel as welcomed or that I benefitted as much. Not to say they weren’t good, but it simply didn’t live up to my first experience. So, I decided to go back and join the first club. Another benefit is that it’s close to my work, which means I can’t make excuses when I want to just “stay home”. I simply bring my change of close to work and go to class right after.

Find a kickboxing class near you

If you’ve been wanting to try a super high impact, VERY empowering, new kind of exercise, try kickboxing! Find what works for you! If you don’t want to try alone, bring a friend.

Most clubs will offer the first class free, or even offer first-time only classes, for those who’ve never participated before. These are really beneficial as they can show you the core moves, make sure your form is good, and give you more personalized attention. Check Groupon or Living Social Deals to try a few classes at a discounted rate before making a full commitment.

The strength that you gain from these classes is not only empowering but inspirational.


Have you ever tried kickboxing? What new exercise have you tried that surprised you?




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