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Comfort Zone

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

You’ve developed a fitness routine.

You’ve maintained this routine for some time.

But your results have plateaued. Or maybe you’re just getting bored, but you don’t know where to go from here. Running or biking longer distances seems daunting.

You need some fresh routine ideas to keep your fitness goals interesting and gain more results. Me too! Get out of your comfort zone and try something new! Here are my favorite ways to shake things up:

Comfort Zone

Try something new

There are several fitness options that can play off of each other nicely. I’m a runner, so yoga was a nice addition to my routine. Not only did it provide some relaxation time, but also proved worth in easing tight muscles. I was providing an “active rest” day while keeping my body in the mindset of fitness.

If you already go to a facility that offers different types of classes, try a new one that they offer. Try swimming, a spin class, or even a cross-fit class.

Keep a training log

Sometimes our brains can talk us out of new ideas or actions. Keep track of your fitness routine, how you feel during the routines and your overall progress. Seeing actions written down can help you see areas you feel less enthused about. Then look at fitting something different into those areas.


Now, I know that for some fitness newbies the thought of competition can be scary. Everyone else looks ready and seasoned. You feel very out of place. This is exactly how I felt when I signed up and showed up for my first 5K. I won’t lie, I was out of my comfort zone and it took some time for those feelings to dissipate.

However, I can tell you that it was much easier when I was able to realize the competition was solely with me. Whether it was about my time or simply how I felt, I didn’t look at the others as competition, but people who are there to help me be better than I was yesterday.

Comfort Zone

Join, or even better, start a fitness group

Sometimes working out with other people brings new ideas and camaraderie. Gather a group of people and try different routines. Maybe someone you know has been in a spin-class before, but you’ve always been cautious and not ready to leave your comfort zone. But now you have a workout buddy to help ease the nervousness.

Increase levels of your current routine

Like the current routine you have? Maybe it is the best time and place for your busy life. No problem. If you go to the gym, increase what you’re already doing. If you are a runner on the treadmill but have only played around with the speed, try some inclines. The changes will help build up those leg and heart muscles.

Lift weights? Add more weight to your routine. Once our muscle memory gets used to a certain routine, it can stall. Start by adding five pounds to those bicep curls. If you run or bike outside on glorious days, try different routes, some that offer various challenges.

All in all, a change in routine does not have to be drastic or scary. I went from simply running to adding in swimming and biking. This opened the doorway to triathlons.

If you’re really ambitious, try something totally different (doctor advised and approved, of course). I needed a new “something” for the winter when running outside in the inches of snow and ice are not desirable. I decided to try roller derby. And no, I do not really know how to skate. 😉

As a matter of fact, I’m like a baby learning to walk. And sometimes I feel ridiculous. However, the benefits of meeting new people and learning from one another can’t be beat.

If you are reading this post but still struggling with finding time to fit fitness in, check out my tips on fitting fitness into a busy schedule.


What have you been doing lately to shake up your fitness routine?

Comfort Zone

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