Should I buy organic? Where do I find non-toxic products? Where can I learn more? These were some of the first questions I asked when we began focusing on a healthier lifestyle, and some of the most common questions we’re asked at Whole IntentionsI’ve listed some of our favorite brands and products to help you get started.
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Food Sources

Wildly Organic

Having been a loyal customer for more years than I can count, Wildly Organic is by far my absolute favorite place to get coconut oil. Yes, the rumors are true - we purchase it in 5 gallon pails.

They have the best prices and sell fabulous quality, virgin, organic, and expeller pressed oil. We've become members of their buying club and LOVE the great prices.

Just Almonds

My absolute favorite place to buy almonds. Their almonds are PPO and GMO free, and they use steam pasteurization on all their products.

Whether we're snacking, making almond butter, or baking recipes from The Sweeter Side of Candida - these are the best.

Use coupon code 'JT' to get 10% off your entire order!

The Bulk Herb Store

The Bulk Herb Store was the first place I found when I fell in love with herbs, tinctures, and all they do.

My favorite discoveries were red raspberry leaves, echinacea, and elderberries. . .but I'll admit to going a little crazy (a LOT) when it comes to herbs!

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Azure Standard

Azure Standard is our #1 go-to source when it comes to buying organic in bulk: oat groats, beans, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, etc.

They have a HUGE inventory and beyond food they offer supplements, health and beauty products, and even animal feed.

They have local drops all over the country, or you can have them delivered by UPS or USPS.

Naked Nutrition

I searched high and low for a long time for a whey protein concentrate that satisfied my list of priorities.

Naked Nutrition met every one:

  • soy-free
  • organic
  • non-GMO
  • from grass-fed cows
  • free from growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and additives

    True to their word, they have nothing to hide.
  • Paleovalley

    It's not very often I find a company whose ingredient lists makes my mouth drop open. But Paleovalley did in a big way!

    Everything from their 100% grass-fed and fermented beef sticks, Superfood Bars, organic Supergreens, and grass-fed Organ Complex has me excited.

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    Cultures for Health

    After trying other companies, Cultures for Health is the ONLY place I buy my starters from anymore.

    They offer starters for homemade yogurt, kefir, sourdough, kombucha, vegetable ferments, cheese, etc.

    One of the things I appreciate most is that they include well-written directions with each starter you buy, along with delicious recipes to get you started if you're brand new to cultures.

    Starwest Botanicals

    Starwest Botanicals has a large variety of bulk herbs and natural products such as organic herbs and spices, teas, herbal extracts, along with containers and other accessories.

    With over 3,000 items and an extensive line of organic products, they're the first place I go.

    They always have exactly what I'm looking for - even those hard to find herbs!


    I have a favorite list of ingredients I add to my coffee each morning. At the very top is Ancient Cacao with Turmeric from PaleoPro.

    I stumbled across this product years ago and we use it so often, there's a slight panic when we start running low.

    If you're looking for true paleo products: collagen, protein, greens, coffee, bars, etc., then visit PaleoPro and prepare to get excited!

    What to look for when buying whole foods

    If you can, purchase as much of your meat, eggs, produce, and such through local farmers. If you don’t how to find farmers in your area, check these sites below. Type in your zip code or state and find farmers through their databases.

    MEATS – for the best meats, look for pasture-fed. Organic is good, but unfortunately it’s not always the best. For example, that could mean the cattle are being fed organic soy, and soy is something you want to stay away from whether it’s organic or not. Browse the links above to find farmers in your area.

    If you can’t find a farmer, try a local meat market or your grocery store’s meat counter rather than the prepackaged/frozen meats from big name companies. Their meat is pretty much guaranteed to have antibiotics and growth hormones.

    NUTS & BEANS – organic and non-GMO is definitely best.

    • beans – beans and rice, rice and beans! 🙂 Limit your bean intake if you have candida (too much starch and carbs), and when you do eat them, don’t forget to soak them first.



    • milk – raw milk is getting hard to find so if you can’t find it locally, your next best option is organic. If nothing else, try to buy milk that isn’t homogenized or doesn’t have RsBT or growth hormones. Almond milk and coconut milk (the less ingredients the better) are good options if you need to be dairy-free.
    • yogurt, sour cream, and cream cheese – Make sour cream and cream cheese from your homemade yogurt. Three for the price of one! Yogurt is also an acidic medium used in soaking and sprouting grains, nuts, and beans – and nothing beats a cold bowl of yogurt sprinkled with homemade granola!
    • kefir – teaming with beneficial probiotics, kefir boosts your immune system by promoting healthy bacteria in your gut, gives you better digestion, and is an absolute must if you’ve had to take antibiotics. Kefir can also be used for soaking grains and beans.
    • butter – grass-fed is best of course, followed by organic. If you’ve got a mixer, try making your own from cream.
    • cheeselimit cheeses somewhat due to both candida and molds. Look for blocks of cheese instead of shredded since the shredded can have added ingredients (wheat or starches) to keep the pieces from sticking together.
    • coconut oil – I can’t even tell you how much I love, love, love coconut oil. The health benefits have made this my absolute favorite food. Buy expeller pressed if you don’t want the strong coconut flavor in everything you cook.
    • olive oil – another wonderful, healthy fat for dressings, sauces, and dips. Best if not heated (use coconut oil for heating). Look for extra virgin (organic if possible) when shopping for a good quality oil.



    Have fun growing your own garden – or look for CSA’s, farmer’s markets, stores, and local farmers who sell quality produce.


    GRAINS – Grains are very limited due to candida, but what we do make is soaked, sprouted, or soured.

    • milletbuckwheat, amaranth, and quinoa – these are all pseudo-grains that aren’t ‘technically’ grains but seeds. You can also mill these and use them in gluten-free baking.



    • stevia – there’s not much I can say about this wonderful, naturally sweet, I’m-totally-hooked-on herb except that it’s safe on a candida diet, about 300 times sweeter than sugar, and has been used for centuries as a sweetener. You can read more about my thoughts on stevia and its safety here.
    • honey (raw) – if you can, try to buy your honey locally. Some say local honey can help cure seasonal allergies. It’s been used for thousands of years and was revered for it’s medicinal qualities. Be careful if you’re one of many battling candida though. Honey is still sugar to your body, whether the local bees made it or not, and you’ll want to avoid it.

    Search for honey near you:

    • 100% pure maple syrup – Store-bought syrups are LOADED with high fructose corn syrup – that’s pretty much all they are really. Pure maple sugar is still a sugar, yes, so it should be limited. But if you do use syrup, please look for pure maple syrup rather than eating the harmful effects of HFCS. 
    • cane sugar – sugar is sugar; it should all be very limited. But for those occasions that call for sugar and no other substitutes will work, we use organic cane sugar which is not nearly as processed as white sugar.


    Just remember, there’s really only a few simple guidelines.

    1. Buy unprocessed foods as much as possible.
    2. Buy organic as much as possible.
    3. Try preparing dressings and condiments from scratch.
    4. The fewer ingredients listed on the container, the better.
    5. You are what you eat. The healthier you eat. . .

    Don’t be too overwhelmed. Take it a step at a time. Get familiar with one process or one change and then add another.

    Healthy Living

    Berkey Filters

    We've had a Berkey water filter system for over 10 years and we'll never go back.

    Berkey water filters remove viruses, pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites, and harmful or unwanted chemicals. They also reduce toxic heavy metals such as lead and mercury without removing beneficial and nutritional minerals.

    We love using the Crown Berkey for our family of 8.

    Wonder Mill

    When we first decided to start grinding our own grains, we had no idea where to start. Then we came across The Wonder Mill.

    I love that you can grind wheat, corn, rice, legumes, beans, and other small pseudo-grains like quinoa and amaranth.

    We enjoy shopping for our favorite kitchen gadgets at Pleasant Hill Grain - they have great products and excellent customer service.


    One of my favorite kitchen 'gadgets' is my Excalibur dehydrator. We use it for drying fruit, almonds, and so many things. I love that I can do large batches at one time.

    It has the option to chose any temperature you want, rather than a pre-set options, and is easy to clean-up.

    You can find several models at Pleasant Hill Grain, one of our favorite kitchen appliances suppliers.

    Lifespan Fitness

    Did you know that we lose two hours of life for every hour we sit? I do a lot of office work which means I used to sit ALL the time - and I was a regular at my chiropractor's office.

    I tried using a standing desk, but even with shoes and a supportive mat my hips and feet hurt. I even tried a mini stair-stepper - but nothing helped. It wasn't until I started using a treadmill desk by Lifespan that my back, shoulder, and hip pain went away. I love that I can stand when I want to and walk when I need to.


    Our Cellerciser has stood the test of time - having been used in our family since 2010.

    We've used it when sick (for lymphatic system), I've used it when pregnant (gently bouncing), and we've used it to keep the kids happy and healthy at the same time (we're so sneaky!)

    The Cellerciser is not your normal 'trampoline' and that's why we love it. It's durable, quiet, and most importantly, designed in a way that doesn't pronate your feet (which can lead to ankle, knee, and back problems).

    Fit2B Studio

    Fit2B specializes in strengthening your core when you have abdominal trauma such as diastasis, hernia, prolapse. In their own words, 'true fitness is performing the basic functional activities of your everyday life with confidence, balance, and strength.'

    As a member of Fit2B Studio you can stream over 200 workouts that will help restore, rebuild, and reshape you - on your laptop, desktop, mobile device, TV, etc.

    It's conveniently right where you want to be, in the comfort and privacy of your own home!


    It's almost impossible to get away from technology. Cell phones, iPads, computers, smart T.V.'s, etc.

    Do you ever worry about the EMF flowing through your house, your car, and disrupting your sleep?

    Travis and I have noticed over the years that we're more susceptible to EMF, so we started looking at ways to protect ourselves and our family.

    We were happy to discover Aulterra. We love their Family Pack, with neutralizers for the home, car, and several cell phones.


    Have you ever held your cellphone to your ear and felt a dull ache or immediately got a headache?

    Travis and I love our DefenderShield cases. I love that they have card slots inside the cover, a wrist band, and offer a beautiful deep purple. 😉

    DefenderShield® EMF shielding products shield 99.9% of Radio Frequency (RF) EMF Radiation, which includes 5G wireless, Cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth, with most products additionally blocking 98.25% of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) emissions.


    God created an amazing earth! Research indicates that Earth's surface has “electric nutrition" that gives the ground a natural negative electric charge.

    This has natural potent painkilling, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and stress reducing properties that most of us miss out on because we wear shoes and walk on asphalt, vinyl, etc.

    We love to go barefoot outside and sink our toes in the grass, but you can also ground yourself indoors while sitting and sleeping with products like these from Earthing.

    Personal Care

    Radiant Health Saunas

    Infrared heat helps remove impurities from your cells, specifically the fat cells where our body stores waste and harmful toxins such as heavy metals.

    Radiant Health Saunas are non-toxic (no VOCs) and low EMF which .

    Call 1-888-291-6544 to ask questions/order. Use discount coupon WHOLE500 to receive $500 off your order.


    OraWellness shares holistic and natural ways to prevent and reverse tooth decay, receding gums, periodontal disease and bad breath.

    They offer natural toothbrushes, toothpaste alternatives, and tooth remineralizing & whitening powder.

    You can shop while learning how to whiten your teeth, what the best floss on the market is, and unknown risks in removing wisdom teeth.

    MG Naturals

    In Europe, Titanium Dioxide is considered a level 2 carcinogen in concentrations above 1%. Sadly, it's a common ingredient in makeup.

    MG Naturals is the only makeup company I've found that is titanium dioxide free, PLUS they list all their ingredients and their EWG safety ratings.

    Click the link below to get a 10% off coupon!


    Araza creates makeup and beauty products that follow similar guidelines as the paleo diet. Their makeup is Paleo Certified and contains healthy fats and organic plant-based ingredients. They're also free from gluten, soy, dairy and artificial ingredients.

    I love that their products are so safe for your skin. For example, their cream foundation contains edible non-GMO coconut oil and araza fruit extract. With ingredients like that you could practically eat everything you're putting on your face!

    Tropical Traditions

    While Tropical Traditions offers a variety of coconut-based foods, grass-fed beef, and even kitchen appliances, my favorite item is their organic, virgin coconut oil Moisturizing Creams - a base of coconut oil with other organic ingredients and essential oils.

    I use this as both hand lotion and facial moisturizing cream before I put on my makeup.

    Vintage Tradition

    Do you struggle with dry, cracked skin? Eczema? Psoriasis? Or have little ones with rosy cheeks and painful diaper rash?

    Vintage Tradition came to the rescue for me and many others. Their Grass-fed tallow balm is easily and readily absorbed. And their long, long, long list of testimonials speak for themselves!


    Global Healing

    When it comes to amazing detoxes, and fantastic customer service, Global Healing gets my vote.

    The Liver Cleanse would be one of my top choices since it's one I recommend most often for clients. When I personally completed a series of liver cleanses, I removed over 200 stones!

    There's not enough space here to tell you how important a healthy, functioning liver is for both your gut health and your stubborn fat!

    Perfect Supplements

    If you want to support a family-owned business who supplies superfoods and supplements containing NO synthetic nutrients, NO artificial colors or flavors, NO GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms), and NO fillers then look no further than Perfect Supplements.

    My personal favorites are their collagen (I add it to my coffee every morning!) and their desiccated liver, because even though I KNOW it's healthy, I just can't get past the texture. . .

    Code Age

    When you're in the business of healing your gut, probiotics and supplements play a BIG part. The problem lies in finding quality options without all the added fillers.

    I was so excited to find Code Age. Not only do they bring to the game quality probiotics, but also prebiotics, collagen, fermented multi-vitamins, and supplements specifically for teens, hair, skin, eyes, immunity, etc.

    These guys are worth writing home about.

    The Maca Team

    One of my favorite superfoods is maca, specifically from The Maca Team. It's hard not to love this ancient Peruvian vegetable when its known to:

    - balance and stabilize hormones
    - relieve menstrual symptoms
    - reduce hormonal disorders during menopause
    - increase libido
    - positive affect on the thyroid
    - reduce stress
    - increase overall energy levels
    - inhibits fungi & bacteria

    Legend claims that Incan warriors ate maca before going into battle. Now we know why!

    Natural Hope Herbals

    It's a joy to work with other entrepreneurial families who care about health.

    Natural Hope Herbals grows herbs on their own farm and partner with other wild crafters, to create some of the best quality herbal products available.

    Whether you're looking for products for your little ones, for digestion & elimination, cardiovascular, endocrine, musculoskeletal, nervous system, immune system, oral care, respiratory, urinary, or simply topicals, herbal teas, and extracts - you'll find it here!


    One of my favorite places because they have one of the largest inventories I've seen so it's easy to make them a one-stop shop to getting everything.

    The great thing about iHerb is that they offer so many brands it's easy to find the exact item you're looking for without all the fillers and additives. I always end up at iHerb finding exactly what I need.

    And because they're so great, they're offering you coupon code: FEV319 so you can get 5% off your next order no matter if you're a new customer or returning.


    There are a lot of companies out there with great detoxification products and helpful gut-health supplements for adults. . .but nothing for the little people.

    Bioray is not that company. They offer cleanses for both adults and kids - which is why we fell in love with them.

    Whether your child is dealing with constipation, anxiety, problems focusing, itchy rectum, or delayed speech, we highly recommend looking at their products.

    Radiant Life

    When it comes to Radiant Life, the only problem you run into is deciding what not to get!

    They offer nutrient dense foods, healthy superfoods, and quality supplements right alongside products for EMF reduction (from laptops, tablets, cellphones, and earbuds), grounding, air purifiers, and natural eye repair cream! They have you covered from one end to the other!

    Not only is it fun to shop, but they also have a great collection of books and products for children which always earns a smile on this mama's face.


    Candida Testing

    True Health Labs makes lab testing directly available to anyone - and it's especially nice for those who are uninsured, underinsured, whose doctor refuses to order tests, or those who simply want to make their own healthcare choices. We highly recommend their 3-stool Comprehensive Stool Analysis or their Comprehensive GI Effects tests.

    Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS

    It can be hard to cook wholesome, healthy meals for your family if you don't know where to start.

    As a member of Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS you have access to simple eCourses that teach you everything from sourdough to allergy-free cooking.

    It's easy to say yes to healthy cooking when you have weekly menu plans, original recipes, and unlimited support!

    Kids Cook Real Food

    We all want what's best for our children. Including healthy habits and life skills.

    Kids Cook Real Food teaches both - giving parents and their children a way to connect in the kitchen and make cooking fun - and healthy.

    These online video cooking lessons gives you several options for teaching: with little ones, big kids by themselves, the whole family together, or in a group setting.

    Real Plans

    As a busy mom I know how time consuming creating meal plans can be. With Real Plans you can customize meal plans based on your diet, family size, and schedule. And you can save those plans to use again later which is great when you find multiple recipes your family loves.

    I also love how organized you can get with aisle-based shoppings lists that you can print or check off on your phone. They even have easy Instacart integration so your groceries can be delivered!

    Digestive Health Summit

    Dr. Murray wrote the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and the Encyclopedia of Healing Foods - and now with over 25 expert speakers, he teaches you about healing your digestive health.

    Even though the live Digestive Health Summit is over, you can purchase all of the replays online so you can listen to them when it's convenient for you.

    Stress Mastery for Moms

    Mom pressure is pretty intense sometimes. All we want to do is be loving moms and raise balanced kids, but it’s hard work!

    In this mini-course, Stress Mastery for Moms, you’ll learn how to transform your stress into FUEL.

    You’ll learn exact methods to truly transform the stress you feel into something that can help you through your life, taking only a few minutes a day.


    Nourishing Traditions

    If there was one resource that turned my world upside down, it was Nourishing Traditions. We were first borrowed this book by a friend and it only took a few hours of reading before I knew I need our own copy.

    If you're interested in DIY recipes and learning about the health benefits of butter, fat, fermented foods, bone broth, and other traditional foods - I can't recommend this book enough.

    Brainy Breakfasts

    What more can you say that the title doesn't already? These recipes are a wonderful answer to a parent's question, "What's for breakfast besides so much grain?"

    Brainy Breakfasts is full of over 40 nourishing recipes that gives your kids the food their brains need.

    DIY Natural

    The toxins in our homes affect our health more than we realize. Everything we use to clean, wash, and deodorize can contain harmful chemicals.

    DIY Natural teaches you to make 60+ recipes for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and more using simple, inexpensive, and non-toxic ingredients.