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When Clean-Eating Seems Overwhelming

Currently I’m experiencing a wonderful season in life. I have a 4 month old baby, who can melt my heart with her smiles, her cooing, and her snuggles. I love her. However if you are a mom, then you know that there is another side to the story. These precious little humans who are fluent in gibberish only, control our lives!

Most days, I’m walking around in my pjs holding a crying/tired/hungry baby. My daily life includes washing the same load of laundry for three consecutive days because I keep forgetting about moving it to the dryer; as well as dancing like a clown in the kitchen so she’s entertained while I try to do dishes, and hoping for a shower!

Maybe you’re with me. Maybe you have little ones to take care of, a home to run, laundry to get done and dishes piled in the sink that scream for your attention. Or perhaps your life looks a little more like having a full time job outside of the home that consumes your hours. Whatever it is, we all know that adding clean eating to the list can be just…overwhelming.

When Clean-Eating Seems Overwhelming

Clean-eating made simple

Know that you’re not alone. Here are some simple steps that I usually follow when I feel like I’m overwhelmed with all the cooking, planning, and prepping that sometimes eating nutrient-dense food requires:

  • Start by buying foods that don’t have a long list of ingredients that you can’t pronounce. If you are stocked up on nutritious food, whatever you cook will be good and nutrient dense. Try to frequent more farmers market or join a food co-op and reserve the supermarket for a few staples.
  • Make a big pot of broth/stock once a week. This is very nutritious and easy to make. Then you can just put it in a jar, stick it in the fridge and use it as needed. This liquid gold is great used in soups; as a water substitute for rice or oatmeal, or as a nourishing hot drink in the morning. Recipe here.

When Clean-Eating Seems Overwhelming(source)

  • Cook simple recipes. The truth is that you don’t necessarily need a ton of ingredients to eat a great, nutrient dense meal. Try to make simple things that don’t require a lot of ingredients and yet, are nutritious. How about some chicken with veggies and a sweet potato mash for dinner?
  • Double or triple up recipes. There have been times when my husband and I have had the same meal for lunch for three or four days in a row. Sure, variety is best, but when everything seems non stop, just having a healthy meal prepared, gives you a huge peace of mind.
  • Ask for help. This is the hardest for me. We live in a society that praises independence. However, God created us to live in community. It’s truly humbling when you realize that you can’t do it all; however that’s what makes us humans. Reach out to a friend and maybe ask for help watching your children if you have any, or do the laundry for you while you prep food for the week. 

Paula’s note: if you’re totally new to clean-eating and you’d like the support and help of a group setting, join one of our clean-eating challenges: a free way to learn what clean-eating is all about.

I would love to hear your ideas for making clean-eating fit into your life. What would you add to the list?

Here are some simple steps that I usually follow when I feel like I’m overwhelmed with all the cooking, planning, and prepping that sometimes eating nutrient-dense food requires





Daniela is an Ecuadorian who lives in the northeast United States. She’s an imperfect Christ follower, a wife to her best friend, Jeff, and a mother to her beautiful baby girl, Selah. Daniela is interested in whole, nutritious food and in green living. She loves summer, reading books, going for long walks and spending time with her family.

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