But, I miss my ice cream. . .

Being on a candida diet isn’t the end of the world, in fact, it should only be a temporary part of the bigger candida picture. Yet when you’re in the midst of it, the sight of seeing someone with a cold bowl ice cream is pretty hard to ignore.

Candida on Ice brings you 20+ healthy, wholesome, sugar-free, candida-diet friendly ice cream straight to your bowl.

If Mint Chocolate Chunk, Butter Pecan, and Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough are your kryptonite, we’ve got you covered. All you need is a spoon.

This book is amazing! These recipes combine eating healthy and yummy food! The strawberry slush was a really good one. I didn’t think eating on the candida diet could taste so good!

These recipes are so delicious and I wanted to try them all. I love all the ice cream recipes! My favorite is the Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough. I was so excited to find a recipe for ice cream cookie dough that is totally gluten-free and uses no refined sugar. Since we have pets in the house, I substituted maple syrup for the xylitol granules. The taste was outstanding!!

And then, last but not all least is the scrumptious Candida-Dilly Bars. I had been craving dipped bars like these for a while but couldn’t find a tasty recipe until now. Candida-friendly recipes that taste good are extremely hard to find. These recipes are wonderful and I highly recommend this book.
Rebekah B.
Owner - Naturally Blessed Mama
Paula Miller’s Candida On Ice is genius! For families like mine dealing with allergies, it is a total win! Not only does it use ingredients that are healthy and safe for my family, the combination of ingredients taste amazing.

I literally whipped up the Vanilla Ice Cream recipe in five minutes. I turned on the ice cream maker during dinner and in 20 minutes, we had a delicious dessert that brought all smiles from my kids with requests for seconds. I cannot wait to make the Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough Ice Cream! Thank you, Paula for this creative book of treats!
Kathryn B.
Owner - Musik at Home

What's Inside?

20+ delicious ice creams, shakes, and frozen treats just waiting to be enjoyed!

This book is right on time for me! I have just started following a ketogenic way of eating, PLUS I am vegan. The recipes in the book, although not exclusively vegan, contain healthy fats and use xylitol sweetener, just what my sweet tooth needed on this low carb, high fat way of eating!

I am in LOVE with the creamy, chocolatey goodness of the Chocolate ice cream recipe! Paula shares great tips like blending the xylitol first. I wasn't enjoying the texture of the way things turned out when I used xylitol, now I have the answer! Thanks so much for the great recipes!
Angela M.
CHHC, Owner - Real, Whole Health
I am absolutely in love with Candida on Ice. The recipes are delicious and a perfect clean treat when my sweet tooth strikes.

As a busy mom, I appreciate the ease with which I can make each of the recipes. This book makes the Candida diet lifestyle more enjoyable.
Alexis M.
Premier Executive Media

1. Download the eCookbook

2. Make delicious recipes

3. Create a happy world inside your tummy

We love this cookbook! The recipes are simple and easy and DELICIOUS!! My kids ask for these ice cream recipes over the store bought "natural" ice cream we used to get. I can now give my family great tasting treats without the guilt!! Love it!
Jacqueline F.
homeschool mom of five
My family made the Snickerdoodle ice cream and we loved it! It mixed up quickly and was a great project for my daughter to help with. My daughter declared it to be "the best ever" and that says a lot, 4 year olds are picky!
Kailyn S.
Owner - Our New England Home

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