Our candida journey

Our candida journey, like most people’s, started long before we realized it. We were in our early 20’s with two young boys. . .a young family with a bright future.

But in the matter of a few years, our lives were turned upside down. . .

My father-in-law passed away from an intense battle with cancer that took over his body in a matter of months.

We gave birth to a beautiful baby girl – stillborn 4 days before her due date. There aren’t even words. . .

And the strange health problems my husband Travis had suffered with for several years were steadily escalating.

Over the next year we visited multiple doctors and specialists – and eventually grew tired of them suggesting it was ‘all in his head’. We found a naturopath near us and learned that Travis had Lyme disease and candida.

Hearing ‘Lyme disease’ scared us. And when our naturopath said that nearly everyone had candida, we made the quick and foolish decision to ignore it and focus solely on Lyme – going so far as to travel across the country to an alternative clinic for Lyme in 2008.

While at the clinic we learned Travis had several allergies, gluten being the main one. Between the clinic and going gluten-free, Travis’s symptoms eased. . .for a while.

We heard about the book Nourishing Traditions and, after devouring it from cover to cover, realized that eating gluten-free wasn’t a good enough answer. Further research told us that many of the foods we ate, (i.e. starches and even natural sugars) were feeding a common and underestimated problem called. . .candida.

Light bulb! There was that word again.

Giving candida a second look

We decided candida needed a second look and started researching. We found that nearly all of the ‘little’ health issues we’d both been suffering from (brain fog, weight gain, inflammation, joint pain, skin rashes, etc.) pointed straight back to candida.

Further research told us that candida was supposed to be a ‘simple’ fix. All we had to do was stop eating sugar and starches. So we found a candida diet that looked strict enough for a monk and were told we needed to follow it for 30 months. IF we cheated even once, we had to start the process all over again.

Suffice it to say, even though we gave it our best shot, we failed miserably.

Our candida journey became a quest beyond diet and anti-fungals. We spent several years digging, researching, reading, experimenting. Over time we started putting the puzzle pieces together and implementing them – and eventually I became certified as a health specialist and metabolic nutritional coach. Our candida overgrowth and symptoms eased, then disappeared, and have been kept in control since.

The events in our lives change us. We become who we are because of them. 

Whole Intentions was born because our various family health issues taught us to embrace a healthier lifestyle and created a passion to understand how our God-created bodies either thrive or deteriorate based on what we put in it. This, in turn, has led me to create the Kicking Candida and Metabolism Unlocked programs to help those with recurring candida and stubborn weight due to their gut health. Check out our programs, cookbooks, and more.

Don’t forget that life is a journey. Embrace it, learn from it, and use that knowledge to bless others.