A peek at Candida Cooking Classes

For Elite members of the Kicking Candida Program

Measuring Sugar Alternatives

You'll Learn

  • white sugar vs. Kicking Candida alternatives
  • how to measure xylitol and stevia
  • recipes you can experiment with

Aunt Sarah's No Bake Cookies

You'll Learn

  • how to make one of Paula's favorite recipes from The Sweeter Side of Candida
  • what the consistency of sugar-less cookies looks like
  • alternative uses for this recipe

Healthy Lemon Tonic

You'll Learn

  • why Healthy Lemon Tonic is so important
  • best practices when making
  • alternative sweeteners you can use

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

You'll Learn

  • why Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is so important for women
  • important herbs to add to your tea mixture
  • what herbs to use if you're nursing

Berry Smoothie

You'll Learn

  • what to look for in AIP compliant coconut cream
  • how to whip together a filling and nutritious AIP recipe
  • how to cook with soaked grains