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If you’ve used essential oils or are planning to in the future, you’re going to see this term often: Vita Flex.

Vita Flex is said to have had a long past, but perfected in the 1960’s by a man named Stanley Burroughs. The Vita Flex technique means “vitality through the reflexes”. Many people are familiar with reflexology and this is similar to that.

We have a complete network of reflex points on our bodies that stimulate all of our internal body systems. This technique is often times done on the feet (see chart below) and focused in on the body system you’d like to support.

vita flex

How to use the Vita Flex technique

Using the pads and nails of your fingers (it’s good to have short nails), you use a rolling motion going from pads and all the way over to the topside of your nail(s). This produces an electrical stimulation into the body through the reflex points. The pressure used should be light to medium. Repeat this rolling and releasing technique until the entire vita flex point or area is covered. (See video below.)

This technique is effective without the use of essential oils, but is greatly enhanced when you use them! When you apply essential oils to the feet, they get through your body in 20 minutes or less! So using both together gives you an increased effect. If you have the tendency to be a ticklish person, have no fear, that usually goes away after the first pass or 3. 😉

When would you use Vita Flex

Anytime! Most reference material for essential oils will have the phrase, “apply to vita flex points” somewhere in their recommendations. So let’s do a real life example just for fun!

Say I want to support my digestive system. First, I decide which oils to use, maybe Peppermint, Di-gize, or AromaEase. Then, I place a drop or two in my left hand and take the pads of my fingers on my right hand and rub in the oils (usually in a clockwise motion). Finally, I apply it to my foot on the lower half, above the heel as shown on the chart. I make sure I do the rolling and releasing motion all across my foot to make sure I get all those digestive organs. If I have some oil left in my hand, I’d just repeat it for the other foot.

I hope this has given you the information and confidence to try this technique on yourself and your family. I’d love to hear your experiences!! If you need help getting oils, please visit my website.

How to Use Essentiaal Oils with Vita Flex

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