Meet Paula

Hi, I'm Paula! For the past 15 years, our family has been on a health journey that's created a passion to learn more about food, health, and how to take care of the bodies God's given us.

Travis, my beloved husband, is my staunch supporter and ever-listening ear. When he's not in his office, he's out in the fields, doing what he loves most.

We've been married for 22 years (our story), and homeschool our six earthly children who bring us no small amount of joy, worry, laughter, frustration, and humility - in all the best ways.

How it all began. . .

Our journey to healthy living started when I was pregnant with baby #3 and had the same 6+ months of morning sickness I'd had with the first two. We were introduced to a naturopath doctor who gave me a simple remedy, but told me it wouldn't work to its full extent unless I changed my eating habits.

We started in baby steps - buying whole wheat bread instead of white, making hotdishes with canned cream soups rather than boxed Hamburger Helper, and actually eating vegetables! (We were pretty impressed with ourselves at this point!)

But while I was finally able to keep food down, Travis's chronic health problems worsened. He suffered daily from stiff joints, fatigue, brain fog, sciatica, and in his words, 'was a twenty-seven year old man in an eighty year old's body'.

Then, four days before her due date, our daughter was unexpectedly stillborn. There's really no way to describe what a parent feels when they lose a child. During those dark months, we clung to God in a way we never had before. We came to grasp His sovereignty and trust Him more fully - in ways, I think, preparing us for the rough years to come.

A diagnosis. . .

Time crawled forward and we continued searching for answers to Travis' health problems. His symptoms kept pointing to the same answer - and our naturopath confirmed it: Lyme disease. He also told us Travis had candida, but in all honestly, the words 'lyme disease' scared us so much we pushed the candida issue aside and never addressed it.

Years went by, new babies filled my arms, and while Travis still had some ups and downs, he did improve some. Still, the summer of 08' found us at an alternative health clinic specializing in Lyme disease. While there, we discovered that many of his symptoms were also caused by food allergies.

Gluten was at the top of the list, so we jumped headfirst into the gluten-free world, and for a couple of years his symptoms eased even more.

But the more we read and researched, the more it became obvious that just eating gluten-free wasn't the answer. Further research told us that many of the foods we ate, (i.e. grains, starches, and even natural sugars) fed a common and underestimated problem called candida.

Yep. There was that word again. We finally took the time to look at what candida really was and were astonished at how it matched so many of Travis's (and now my) symptoms. We had to really consider the foods we ate, our daily habits and lifestyle, and whether we were really taking care of the bodies God had given us.

Whole Intentions was born because our various family health issues created a passion to understand how our God-created bodies thrive or deteriorate based on what we put in it. This, in turn, has led me to continue my education as a Certified Health Specialist and Certified Level 3 Metabolic Effect Nutritional Consultant. And my passion is to share what I've learned with you.

I've created the Kicking Candida and Metabolism Unlocked programs to help those with recurring candida or stubborn fat heal their gut and shrink their waist. You can also check out a variety of cookbooks and menu planners here.

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