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10 Ways to Make Exercise A Habit(source)

Well, it’s that time of year again. SPRING!

There are so many “renewal” activities we plan for this time of year. Spring cleaning, spring break, and with warmer weather. . .spring healthiness.

However, with the beginning of new events comes the issue of making it last more than a few weeks. We get bored. We let life take over. We simply give in to what was more comfortable. But alas, there are ways to keep this healthy lifestyle on track!

1. Variety
Let’s be honest, the same things over and over can get boring. And boredom makes it more likely that activity will cease. So change it up. Walk, run, cross-fit, weights, cycling, yoga. Get some changes in there. This also helps all around health.

10 Ways to Make Exercise A Habit(source)

2. Get more on board
Okay, maybe you’ll have trouble getting your loved ones to try some things. I mean, no way my husband is going to come to a yoga class with me. But at least get them to help you stay accountable. Talk to them about your goals and plans and ask that they check in with you daily and ask how you are doing.

3. Get it done early
We all love sleep – and it’s important. But winter slumbers makes it hard to get out of that warm, comfy bed earlier than we want. But getting a workout done in the morning helps revitalize blood flow that has settled as we sleep. Plus, as the day goes on, more and more things become excuses to not follow through with that workout.

4. Write it down!
Keep track of your exercise. Write it down in a journal or planner. If you’re trying new things, note how it went and how you felt – even the next day. This can help you visually see your progress and plan out a workout week if you’re utilizing various forms of activity.

10 Ways to Make Exercise A Habit(source)

5. Celebrate your progress
Of course the biggest benefit we all want to garner from exercise is weight loss. But, that comes at a slow rate. And if you only focus on that, you’ll give up before you’ve given it a chance. So, in that journal we just talked about, keep track of workouts and note your progress. Sleeping better? More energy? Clearer head? It’s all progress!!!

6. Set attainable goals
We’ve all heard the phrase, “Go hard or go home”, but that doesn’t necessarily mean when starting an exercise plan. Try one day a week at first. Then, as you find out what works and what fits, move on to more. If you’ve never actively exercised before, don’t start off planning to run 3 miles a day for 6 days a week. Start slow and build a foundation.

7. Set a short-term time frame
Whether it is 3, 6 or 9 weeks (or whatever works for you), tell yourself that’s how long you’re going to commit. Then, when that time frame is up and you realize you’re doing (and feeling) great, set another time frame. This can keep you from focusing on a goal that’s too long term for what you should be focused on at the time.

10 Ways to Make Exercise A Habit(source)

8. Track those steps
Walking is fabulous for so many reasons. And we never really know how much we walk during the day. This is where those great pedometers come into play. So maybe you commit to 10,000 steps per day. Once you realize how much work that actually is, you may be surprised at what you can move on to.

9. Pay up
Sometimes when we pay for services, we’re more likely to participate. Joining a gym, health club or hiring a trainer can make you more accountable, and maybe even offer you more options and variations that what you may have at home.

10. Reward, reward, reward!
Even if it was the decision to make sure you got 10,000 steps in per day, that is a HUGE accomplishment, especially if you weren’t one who had a normal exercise routine in the first place. So reward yourself for all your efforts. A new shirt, a facial, even an extra piece of dark chocolate. Know that you made some important strides to your health and keep it going!


Make this spring the best spring for yourself! Get a plan, a partner and a journal and set afire to a new you!

10 Ways to Make Exercise A Habit(source)

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