Hi! I’m Paula, CHS, metabolic coach, and homeschooling mom of six. Several family health issues involving candida, Lyme Disease, and weight gain have created a passion to help those with recurring candida and stubborn weight due to gut health.

Join me as we take care of the bodies God’s given us through healthy recipes, fitness, natural remedies, and more. Be sure to reach out if you need anything!

Candida-Fighting Herbs & Essential Oils You can Use in Your Kitchen.

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Kelly Smith Kelly Smith, The Nourishing Home

What I appreciate and love most about Paula is her passion for helping others live a healthier, more nourished life. There are so many of us who are in need of mentors to help guide us and encourage us.

Paula is by far one of my favorite healthy living coaches, which is why I continually recommend her.

Wardee Harmon Wardee Harmon, Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS

Paula’s Kicking Candida program is the best out there! The information is solid and the practical steps are simple to implement (a must!).

I love the program she’s put together. Anyone with candida will feel hopeful that they can finally kick candida for good!

Collette M. Collette M.

It's difficult to put into words what Paula has done for me. She gave me my life back. I was ready to take my last breath and Paula made me take my first breath to a Candida-free life.

She laid the pathway and I just had to walk it. Paula’s Kicking Candida program is easy to follow and it works.

Julie T. Julie T.

Paula was so encouraging and helpful in pointing me in the right direction to make the choices I needed and wanted to make.

She is so knowledgeable yet approachable in her coaching. I am glad to have had the input and help from her during these weeks.

Shannon Miles, HHC, AADP Shannon Miles, HHC, AADP

This is the most comprehensive candida program that I've ever seen. Simple and practical, yet personalized with a hands-on coach every step of the way. Paula is my go-to for all things candida and I highly recommend her. If you need to rid your body of candida there's no other program I'd recommend.

Kelly Rompel, Pharm D., Holistic Health Coach Kelly Rompel, Pharm D., Holistic Health Coach

Paula provides coaching that not only gets results but offers an in-depth education on gut health and why and how the program works. If you are ready for real results and lasting lifestyle change that will bring you better overall health, I recommend working with Paula.

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