Welcome to Metabolism Unlocked!

I’m honored and privileged to be your coach, helping you turn your struggling weight loss journey into a leaner, healthier, fat-burning version of YOU!

A huge part of healing your metabolism, balancing your hormones, decreasing your cravings, and creating lasting fat loss is taking the time to understand your unique body and learning what makes it tick.

My mission is to help you make the changes needed to get your body back under control, correct what’s imbalanced, heal what’s damaged, and unlock your body’s natural ability to lose fat. Let’s get started!

Step 1 of 7: Watch Video

Watch this short video to quickly learn how to access everything in your program. Don't skip this step, you'll thank me later. 😉

Step 2 of 7: Login

This is the Metabolism Unlocked portal - where everything you need is located.

Login below with the email and password you created when you purchased the program.


Step 3 of 7: Gather Measuring Tools

Next week you'll be taking measurements. You’ll need a flexible measuring tape, body fat caliper, and bathroom scale.

If you don’t already have these tools, you’ll want to pick them up as soon as possible. You should be able to find them at a local Wal-Mart, GNC, or fitness store. You can also buy them online.

Step 4 of 7: Update Food Diary

Update your Food Diary DAILY. (Every week you'll see a reminder to do this.)

This first week it’s important to eat NORMALLY - don't change anything. In order for me to know how your body is currently storing, processing, and burning fat, I need to know what a normal week of eating looks like for you.

In the following weeks we’ll be tweaking your nutrition during our Follow-Up Strategy Calls.

Step 5 of 7: Fill Out Questionnaires

You'll see several questionnaires inside the portal. Filling these out will help me understand the health of your metabolism, whether or not hormones are causing problems, and how your body stores fat.

Please have these completed and “CHECKED IN” a few days before our New Client Call.

Step 6 of 7: Schedule New Client Call

Please schedule your 45-min. New Client call to take place after all your questionnaires have been filled out. Schedule HERE.

Step 7 of 7: Plug Into Support

You are NOT on this journey alone. I've been where you are - and I'm here for you every step of the way! At any time, feel free to email me at paula@wholeintentions.com.

I can’t wait to get started with a game plan for you that will melt fat like butter in July!

Paula, program creator
CHS, Level 3 Metabolic Effect Nutritional Coach