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contributing writers at Whole Intentions

Whole Intentions's goal is to share tips and information about our favorite topics including:

  • health
  • fitness
  • healthy, 'whole food' recipes (also candida-diet, allergen-free)
  • natural remedies, natural living, herbs, oils, etc.


Paula is the owner/creator behind Whole IntentionsVarious family health issues including Lyme disease, food allergies, and candida have given her a passion to write about fitness and health-related topics. . . She created the Kicking Candida Program to help women heal their gut and drop unwanted weight.

She and her husband Travis have been married for 20 years and homeschool six children. Read more about their journey to health.

As Whole Intentions has grown over the years, we've come to appreciate the fellowship of other like-minded writers and their unique way of expressing passion for similar topics. Our team of contributing writers bring fresh perspectives while we all continue to focus on intentionally living healthy and fit.

I'd love to introduced you to:


Hello. I'm Andrea. I'm from Southern Ohio and live in West Michigan. I'm married, have 2 dogs and 3 cats and work full time in the Criminal Justice field dealing specifically with alcoholics. I'm a lover of fitness, movies and animals. I love trying new fitness adventures, I'm an avid runner and am competing in my first Triathlon in June. I suffer from Severe Depression and love to share my stories of fitness and a healthy life on my blog at Andrea Runs Off Crazy.

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Melissa lives in Minnesota with her husband James and three small children. She enjoys staying home with her kids, who join in on favorite activities like gardening, hiking, and cooking and concocting from scratch.

Although Melissa worked in public relations before having a family, her love of growing started as a child in the garden by her father's side. Now, her "dream job" would be related to agriculture - whether preserving heirloom seeds from around the world, starting a CSA (community supported agriculture), or advocating for affordable access to real food for all people. For now, she is happy to dabble in it all and share what she learns at Whole Food Homestead!

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