Candida Crusher banner 150I will forever recommend Dr. Eric Bakker’s book, Candida Crusher. It totally changed the way I look at and candida, and how to treat it. If you’re still wondering if you have candida, you can take Dr. Bakker’s online test (you can specify the test for adults or children).




Healing Candida with Food - ebook with over 170 #CandidaDiet recipes by Candida with Food is filled with over 130 delicious recipes shared from some of the top healthy-food bloggers and tweaked to make them candida-diet friendly. From breakfast, lunch, and supper to DIY ingredients and desserts. Everything you need to satisfy those with or without candida.



The Sweeter Side of Candida dessert cookbook with over 70 gluten-free and #CandidaDiet recipes by

It sounds backwards, doesn’t it. Anyone with candida can tell you that sugar and starches feed candida.

So how can you enjoy homemade chocolate chip cookies, multi-layered bars, luscious cheesecake, and delicious frappuccinos and still get rid of candida? Just open The Sweeter Side of Candida and chose from over 70 desserts that are totally and completely safe for anyone on a candida-diet.


A #CandidaDiet Menu Planner ebook for those with candida by

Planning a menu is hard. Planning a menu for candida is. . .well, it’s right up there. . .

The Candida Diet Menu Planner is based on the recipes found in Healing Candida with Food and The Sweeter Side of Candida to help make your transition into a candida (and sugar-free) diet as easy as possible.


Kicking Candida 150x200.Join our Kicking Candida Facebook group to for a place of support to ask questions and get information about candida, the diet, recipes, and learning how to live a whole and healthy lifestyle.




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