Candida Diet Grain-Free Pancakes

Free Chronic Headache & Migraine Summit – with expert speakers and online guides – July 10-17th Register now! I love pancakes. A lot. They’re one of my favorite comfort foods. And the best part? You can eat them for any meal of the day! I mean, what’s not to love about fluffy, round pancakes with…

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This is Your Brain. . .On a Healthy Gut

In the past couple posts we’ve been talking about gut health and its link to cancer and health issues in children such as autism, diabetes, asthma, and behavior. Is it any wonder then, that there is a gut-brain connection that science is only beginning to understand. First, I want to get geeky and explain the blood-brain…

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How Does Gut Health Affect Children?

I wrote a recent post about gut health and its relation to cancer. I think as we age we think more about cancer, heart disease, and issues like arthritis and diabetes. . .but in reality, by the time we start thinking about gut health we’ve already become so entrenched in bad habits and poor lifestyle choices…

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Is ‘Gut Health’ Really THAT Important?

Gut health. It’s not something many of us thought about 10 years ago. (I know I didn’t!) When it came to health concerns our conversations didn’t start with, . . .”My aunt just found out she has gut diasbosis.” So why has gut health become such a hot topic? And. . .is it really THAT important?…

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Help Good Bacteria Thrive with Basic Fermented Carrots

Each one of us is populated by different types of bacteria and none of us have exactly the same...Illness could be caused when our bacteria gets out of balance.

(source) Did you know that our body is made up of a huge amount of bacteria cells. What?! Yes, that is right.  But these single cell organisms are not only there to enjoy rent-free living, they actually help with functions like nutrient absorption, digestion and self-defense. Think about your body as an ecosystem. Each one of…

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