Hi, I'm Paula! I help those with recurring candida or stubborn fat heal their gut and shrink their waist. If you find yourself struggling with constant yeast infections, stubborn weight gain, cravings, brain fog, and fatigue, you may want to stick around and check things out... 😉

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I offer:

  • various candida-diet eCookbooks
  • Metabolism Unlocked: metabolic nutritional coaching, support, and accountability for stubborn fat
  • Kicking Candida Program: 1-on-1 coaching through a comprehensive candida/gut health protocol

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A flood of embarrassment washed over me. I sat in the noisy restaurant, acutely aware of the party of fresh, giggling young women to our left - and suddenly I saw myself with new eyes.

Flaking, itchy skin rashes covered my arms, back, and chest - and I'd recently noticed it creeping up my neck. I knew without glancing in a mirror that dark circles framed my eyes, a telltale sign of the recurring headaches that, more often than not, turned into crushing migraines.

My already bloated stomach felt even bigger. I shifted further down in my seat, sure everyone would know about the intense food cravings I battled that left me frustrated and guilty.

I sighed deeply. What was wrong with me? Why was I so tired? moody? and ready to commit a felony for peanut butter and chocolate?

I get it.

I've been in your shoes. Struggling with cravings, brain fog, headaches, bloating, and other symptoms that come with candida, imbalanced hormones, and a metabolism on strike.

But I've also rejoiced. Rejoiced in clear skin, in headache-free days, and the ability to walk past someone eating a Reese's Pieces without attacking.

Through research, trial and error, and a lot. of. reading., my world of candida, poor gut health, and weight gain has made a 360 degree turn.

And I'm here to help YOU achieve the same!


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