How Can Candida Affect Stubborn Fat Loss?

How can candida affect stubborn fat loss?


Candida and Stubborn Fat Loss

Green olives and chocolate¬†don’t usually sound like a winning combination – unless you’re pregnant. ūüėČ

Body fat and candida aren’t either.¬†When these two get together it spells TROUBLE¬†with a capital ‘T’ – and for most women, that trouble is found clinging to our hips, butt, and thighs.

Before we go any further though, I want to point out that even though most of us say we want to lose weight Рwhat we really need to lose is fat.

Weight loss happens fairly easily. You can lose muscle weight, water weight, and even bone weight – yet not lose fat. This is why weighing yourself with a scale is very misleading. A scale will show ‘weight’ loss, but won’t show fat loss.

Why ‘eat less and exercise more’ doesn’t always work

How can candida affect stubborn fat loss?

I read a surprising statistic recently. In a survey conducted between 2009 – 2010, more than 2 in 3 adults were¬†considered overweight or obese (source). And that was over seven years ago – I can’t imagine the statistics are any better now!

Can I have a show of hands? If you’re a women whose been trying to lose body fat¬†– how¬†many times have you heard that you need more¬†self-control, or that you¬†just have to eat less and exercise more.

My hand is raised right alongside yours.

There’s a fine line between the woman who doesn’t watch her portions, gives into cravings, and, if she asked herself honestly, would say she doesn’t put in long-term effort Рcompared to the woman who legitimately works hard to eat healthy, watches her portions, and exercises but still can’t lose fat.

I’ve been in the shoes of both.

If you can look back over your struggle to lose body fat and say that yes, you’ve put in hard work and effort, yet you still don’t see results, then candida could be a factor. You can learn more about candida here.

Join me over at GNOWFGLINS as we discuss how candida affects fat loss.

How can candida affect stubborn fat loss

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