Energy-Filled Foods to Increase Activity & Performance

Energy-Filled Foods to Increase Activity & Performance | Whole Intentions |

Energy-Filled Foods to Increase Activity & Performance | Whole Intentions |

By guest writer: Tara Heath

If you wish you could focus better or make it through busy days without feeling exhausted, you need to add more energy-filled foods to your diet. Here are some that will help you, as well as the best times to reach for them.

Ready, Set, Go!

What you eat before and after your intense session at the gym is important to maintain your energy. Before your workout you need complex carbohydrates to help your body slowly release energy, and you should eat them with fruit. Fruit stimulates insulin and counteracts cortisol, one of the body’s hormones that break down muscle mass. An example of a snack could be whole wheat bread with cinnamon and a banana or berries on oats.

When you’re done with your session, enjoy a light yet nourishing snack to replenish your body with nutrients. This should contain lean protein and carbohydrates. An example of a meal could be lean chicken with sweet potatoes. If you’re looking for something simple and easy, Shakeology is a fantastic way to get nutrient-dense food that’s packed with beneficial superfoods and other ingredients.

Study Smart

When you need to cram in lots of study to prepare for an upcoming exam or work project, omega-3s are a great superfood. Found in foods such as salmon, flaxseed, chia seeds and walnuts, omega-3s boost brain health. For instance, a study found that walnuts improve your brain function and memory because of their omega-3 content.

Energy-Filled Foods to Increase Activity & Performance | Whole Intentions |

Another must-have nutrient is zinc. It helps provide the brain with increased memory function. This is because high quantities of this mineral are located in regions of the brain associated with memory and thought.

Stay in the Moment

If you battle to focus on tasks because you’re tired, add more protein to your diet. But here’s the catch: you want foods that are rich in a specific amino acid called tyrosine. This is found in meat such as lean beef, chicken (without the skin) and turkey. What it does is boost chemicals in your brain that help you feel more alert. 

If you feel your concentration slipping, reach for coffee! Its caffeine will boost your body’s metabolism, which helps to improve your focus and energy levels.

These are just a few of the wonderful foods we can use to increase our activity and performance levels. What’s your favorite?

Energy-Filled Foods to Increase Activity & Performance | Whole Intentions |

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