{31 Days to Better Health & Wellness Challenge} Our Favorite Weight Loss Tools: Part 2

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Last week we chatted about workout DVD’s we like in Our Favorite Weight Loss Tools: Part 1. Today we’re going to continue that conversation with more of our favorite equipment.

Bodies are made to move. We have over 200 bones, 360 joints, and although ‘experts’ vary on the exact number – we know we have at least 640 muscles. That’s a pretty big hint that God designed us to move.

  • Movement and flexibility keeps your joints limber. If we stay sedentary, daily activities become harder to do and cause stiffness in our joints.
  • Bearing weight is important for bone health. Things like lifting weights, even light weights, dancing, climbing stairs, and walking increases bone density which is important as we age. The denser our bones are, the less likely they’ll become brittle and break.
  • Getting your heart pumping and blood flowing with aerobic exercises like swimming, biking, and cardio workouts are important for a strong, healthy heart.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to try to convince you that you need a Bowflex or a home gym to do these things. The tools I use are much smaller, just as effective, and a lot cheaper! LOL

 Favorite Weight Loss Equipment

When it comes to the equipment I use, I have to say, variety is the spice of life. As you can see from my selection of workout DVD’sI like a little variety when I workout. It’s no different with the equipment I use.

1. Jump rope.

According to the Compendium of Physical Studies, jumping rope for 10 minutes can burn as many calories as jogging at an eight-minute-per-mile pace. (source)

I use my jump rope when I do bathroom exercises. I know that sounds funny, but it’s not as crazy as it sounds. The idea is to pick a room in your house that you go into several times a day. I picked the bathroom because that’s one room in the house I’m sure to go into several times a day considering how much tea I drink. ;)

Each time you go into that room, pick an exercise to do. It might be 25 squats, 30 calf raises, or 100 jump rope reps, etc.

Does it work? Let’s say you choose to do 150 jump rope reps each time you enter your chosen room. If it’s your bathroom, and you enter it say. . . 5 times a day. You’ve jumped 750 times. Even done in small intervals this is great for strengthening your heart and building bone density.

Tip of the day: Drink more water. ;)


2. Dumbells.

I use dumbbells a lot in my workout DVD’s, but I also like to use them in my own routines because there are so many things you can do with them. At our house we have a variety of sizes ranging from 3 lbs. to 25 lbs. because we range from 3 years old to mid-thirties and two teenage sons. If you don’t want to go out and buy a set of weights, you can easily start out with cans of beans, gallon jugs of water, etc.

3. Medicine ball.
This is similar to hand-held weights, but somehow it’s more fun in ball form. I picked up our weighted ball at a garage sale for $1 and it has been a well-used purchase. Our two youngest (6 and 3) like to sit on the floor and roll it back and forth to each other. It’s a 10 lb. ball so they have to put a little ‘oomph’ into it. The older boys and I like to toss it back and forth or just throw it up into the air to ourselves. It’s surprising what a good workout throwing around 10 lbs is!

Exercise in any form is heathy. The fact that it can be fun and help you lose weight is icing on the cake and added bonus.

Do you do bathroom exercises? Which exercises do you do? What’s your favorite piece of equipment?

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