Favorite Weight Loss Tools: Part 1 – Workout DVD’s

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A list of favorite workout DVD's - because we were #MadeToMove. WholeIntentions.com(source)

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With over 200 bones, 360 joints, and 640 muscles, we’ve got a pretty big hint that God designed us to move. Last week we chatted about 5 Healthy Weight Loss Tips that pertained to ‘diets’ and eating. Today we’re going to continue on our weight loss train of thought with some favorite tools.

Why workout DVD’s?

Workout DVD’s have come a long way from their beginnings. It’s become a popular option for exercisers because:

  • it’s easier to sneak in when you have small children. You can crawl out of bed in the morning, throw your hair into a ponytail, and workout while the kids are still sleeping – as opposed to finding a babysitter, planning a trip to the local gym, looking presentable before leaving the house, using a machine someone else has sweat on, and either driving home smelly or cleaning up at the gym which just makes you pay the babysitter more and opens you up to the joys of a public shower with all sorts of foot fungus ready to invade. Happy thought.
  • workout videos bring you a wide variety of exercise styles: weight lifting, cardio, dance, martial arts, and specialized videos for age groups and health concerns such as pregnancy.
  •  perhaps you, like me, are a self-proclaimed hermit. ;)

Are you a busy mom? a bored gym member? a time-crunched employee? a senior concerned about your health? Here’s a list of workout videos ready to make your favorite list.

Turbo Jam

1. Turbo Jam – This was the first set of DVD’s I bought. I’ve had them for well over six years. Others come and go, but Chalene and her team stay. :) I like that I can pick and choose which video I want based on how much time I have or if I want to focus on cardio or weights that day.

Pros - She’s motivating and upbeat and her workouts range from 20 minutes of abs in Ab Jam, to 45 minutes of heart-thumping cardio in Cardio Party. I like that the moves we do are kind of dance-y, but you’re doing an actual workout at the same time.

Cons – A few of her comments might raise eyebrows. Several of the women in the videos wear exercise bras/small tank tops.

P90X2. P90X - Travis loves these workouts. A friend of mine says her husband loves them too. I don’t know if it’s Tony Horton’s goofy personality or the fact that these workouts incorporate a lot of strength training and have a more “manly” feel to them. These aren’t the Jane Fonda and Sweatin’ to the Oldies workouts guys saw their moms do! :)

Pros - This is grunt work - which isn’t to say I don’t enjoy them, just that workout newbies might find them a little advanced. The workouts are about an hour long, but it doesn’t seem hard because Tony works at a nice, steady pace. Sometimes if we’re crunched of time we do a 1/2 hour and do the other half the next day. 

Included is a cardio DVD and a yoga DVD (which is harder than it looks!). I like that he focuses on stretching and balance rather than the meditation and eastern religion aspect that many others do.

Cons – he swears a few times.

10 minute3. Tony Horton also created 10-Minute Trainer, and Travis and I like these just as much as P90X. These are great when you’re short on time but still want to break a sweat. Don’t let the short timeframe fool you – these make you work! Most of the videos are set up so each exercise lasts one minute.

You have the option to skip the warm-up and cool-down portions in case you want to put two or more workouts together, but if you add the warm-up and cool-down times, plan to add a few more minutes to your workout.

Pros – Even if we have a busy day planned, it’s not at all hard to fit in 10 minutes.

Cons – Honestly, we can’t think of anything at all. :)

Screen Shot 2013-12-25 at 12.23.22 AM

3. Shazzy Fitness – I just tried Shazzy Fitness recently and it has quickly become a favorite. It’s a Christian-based dance-fitness program featuring easy-to-follow, 10-minute dance workouts.

Pros – I really appreciated the fact that I didn’t have to worry about music lyrics or immodest attire. I love the dancing and like that even the kids could join me (no immodest movements).

Cons – I wasn’t sure if I’d care for the music as I’m just not a hip-hop type of gal, but the music isn’t hard or turn-offish. In one routine there’s a move with the hands/fingers in a meditation-type circle. I don’t really care for the eastern religion aura that implies so I just ignore it and hold my hands in loose fists. Personal preference.

As you can see, videos give a lot of variety! Try a few from our list and tell us if *you* don’t get addicted!

Join us next week for more weight loss tools we love and use.


Do you prefer working out in the gym or the comfort of your home? What are your favorite exercise DVD’s?


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