{Raising Healthy Families} How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Vegetables

Raising Healthy Families

Welcome back to the Raising Healthy Families series! We hope you’ve enjoyed joining us each Friday as we’ve shared different ways to keep your family healthy and vibrant in a not-so-healthy world!

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Getting a child to eat vegetables can be a monumental task that most moms hope to accomplish in their lifetime.

We all know that many kids balk at vegetables.

Moms therefore try to find ways to “hide” vegetables in meals and casseroles, hoping their children do not notice the “green and orange stuff” hidden within their food. They whisper to their older children that they “better not say the word ‘vegetable’ or their younger siblings won’t eat supper!”

My girls eat vegetables every day. I’m not talking about vegetables hidden in food; I’m talking about fresh, raw, healthy vegetables! My girls cheer when they see I’m chopping up a plate of celery, carrots and green pepper!

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