{Raising Healthy Families} Healthier Frozen Treats for the Whole Family!

 Raising Healthy Families

Welcome back to the Raising Healthy Family Series! In this final installment, Kelly at The Nourishing Home is sharing a healthy way to beat the heat of summer without compromising good nutrition.


Making your own homemade ice pops and frozen treats is so easy and it’s fun too! And best of all, you’ll feel good knowing that your family is enjoying a healthy boost of wholesome nutrients in each and every yummy bite!

So be sure to join Kelly at The Nourishing Home as she helps us celebrate summer with some delicious and nutritious real food frozen treats certain to bring a smile to your kids faces, while keeping the ice cream man at bay!


Note: This series is designed as a fun and informative compilation to help you and your family thrive. Each post is the opinion of that particular blogger, not necessarily mine or Positively Real Media’s.


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  • Kelly Smith

    Reply Reply June 14, 2013

    Thanks so much for sharing, Paula! It’s been fun partnering with you on this series! I’m so thankful of your friendship! Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy and FUN summer! Blessings, Kelly

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