Sourdough Chocolate Fudge Cake – Calling All Chocolate Lovers!

Sourdough Chocolate Fudge CakeOkay, by now you all know I’m becoming obsessive with this whole idea of making my recipes with 100% sourdough starter. Things have been turning out so nicely that I can’t stop! 🙂

This week I decided to give sourdough cake a whirl. I’m so glad I did too! This cake turned out delicious, chocolatey, and super-duper healthy. And topped with an optional anti-candida frosting – it’s enough to make me swoon! I can seriously say I don’t feel a bit guilty when indulging in this one!

You can find the recipe over at Grain Mill Wagon where you’ll find more recipes that use 100% sourdough. Be sure to come on back and tell us how you like it!



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  • Charlotte Moore

    Reply Reply October 29, 2012

    This looks so, so, so good. I need to try sourdough starter again. I have never tried the healthy version. My hubby would love this.

  • Claudia S

    Reply Reply October 29, 2012

    This looks good! However when I click on the link provided, it tells me not found on the Grain Mill website. Just letting you know.

    • Paula

      Reply Reply October 29, 2012

      Hmm – not sure what was wrong with the link, I got the same message. Got it to work now though. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Jill

    Reply Reply October 29, 2012

    Keep it up! I’m also wanting more recipes with 100% sourdough starter. This is an excellent idea! I’d love a spice cake or other cakes.

  • Gudrun B

    Reply Reply October 29, 2012

    looks DELICIOUS but a bit too much chocolate for my taste… ) we all have our likes 🙂 Question since i tried stevia once and did not like it either (must be related to all the chocolate LOL) how much sugar is Stevia???? is there a conversion scale? i use natural sugar or honey at times maple syrup… since i am stuck in the house due to the great storm i suppose i could try and search the net as well but if you know…
    Thanks 🙂
    oh one more question: you use sour dough plus baking powder and soda??? the sour dough starter more for taste than to make it rise?

    • Paula

      Reply Reply October 29, 2012

      Hi Gudrun,

      You have some good questions. 🙂

      The conversion of stevia is really dependent on the brand of stevia. When I use Stevita Stevia powder to sweeten a gallon of tea, I only have to use 1 tsp. to replace 1 c. of sugar. If I’m using it in a recipe that needs to bake, like this cake, I find that some of the sweetness is lost once it’s baked so I have to add more like 1+ Tablespoons. And with a pure sourdough batter, I tend to add a bit more to tame the sourness.

      If you use the off brand, Truvia (although I wouldn’t recommend it), then you’d have to use a LOT more because it’s just not as good of quality.

      I’m cringing at my own answer, but really the best answer I can give is to add it a little at a time and keep testing it till it tastes right.

      As to the baking powder and soda. . .I converted this recipe from a sugary recipe that only used a minute amount of starter. While I was experimenting, I only changed a few ingredients at a time so I ended up leaving the baking powder and soda measurements the same. It turned out so good that I didn’t mess with the recipe after that. 🙂

      I’m not sure how well it would work without them though as it’s a runnier batter and there is no rise time. The reason for the 100% starter is simply for health reasons in digesting grains easier.

      Hope that helps clarify things. Let me know if it doesn’t. 🙂

  • Looks and sounds wonderful. Thanks for the info and link.

  • Yum! This looks soooo good. I really want to make it. And eat it. 🙂

  • I cannot believe how yummy that looks! We are neighbors at Weekend Whatever 🙂

  • My youngest baby’s first birthday is at the end of the month, and I’m planning on making sourdough chocolate cake! I can’t wait to try it!

  • Nicole

    Reply Reply December 16, 2012

    If on a Candida diet, is it safe to consume the wheat? Numerous articles say, no.

    Thank you for your time

    • Paula

      Reply Reply December 17, 2012

      Hi Nicole,

      No, wheat is not allowed on a candida diet. My recipes cover whole food-type eating as well as anti-candida recipes. If you want to find candida diet ONLY recipes, you can find them in the drop down Recipe tab at the top of the page. 🙂

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