A Hawaiian Vacation – Part 1: Kauai

A photo heavy reminisce of vacationing on beautiful #Kauai, Hawaii - WholeIntentions.com

A photo heavy reminisce of vacationing on beautiful #Kauai, Hawaii - WholeIntentions.comThank you all for being patient with me during our month long hiatus. I know I said it would only be a few weeks, but I’m still adjusting to getting back home (and finishing taxes – eek!). Thanks for all the comments, questions, and invites while I’ve been gone. I’ll be answering your questions and visiting your blogs as soon as I can! You guys are great!

So where have I been?

After 15 years of wedded bliss, Travis and I finally went on a long-awaited vacation to Hawaii for our anniversary. We’ve been planning this trip for awhile now – over 13 years actually. The two times we began to make solid plans – complete with reservations – we’ve had to cancel (unexpected morning sickness will do that you know!). But this year we made it!

I’ll forewarn you, this post is picture-heavy and contains blatant advertizing for the Hawaiian islands. 🙂 So if you’re waiting for the warmth of spring, here’s a few snapshots to tantalize you. . .

Kekaha Beach - #Kauai - WholeIntentions.com

The first day there we planted ourselves on a secluded portion of Kekaha Beach on the western coast of Kauai and barely moved. I could not get over the beauty of the waves – or how relaxing it was to watch them.

I totally think I’m going to have to buy a CD of ocean waves now! We could’ve sat there the whole vacation and been happy. I’m glad we live in the age of digital cameras because this is just one of many pictures. 🙂

Sunset on Kekaha beach - #Kauai -WholeIntentions.com

(Sunset on Kekaha Beach – Kauai)

Waimea Canyon lookout to Napali coastline - #Kauai - WholeIntentions.com

Waimea Canyon lookout to Napali coastline – Kauai. They call this the “Grand Canyon” of Hawaii. The sheer cliffs were beautiful.

Canyon Trail in Waimea Canyon - #Kauai - WholeIntentions.com

We planned to do a lot of hiking during our stay. Our first hike was here at the Canyon Trail in Waimea Canyon. It exceeded our expectations and became one of our favorites.

Kalalau Trail on the Napali Coast - #Kauai - WholeIntentions.com

Another favorite hike: Kalalau Trail on the Napali Coast, Kauai. This hike is 11 miles total – 2 miles to the beach, 2 more miles to a waterfall, and 7 more to get to the end. We hiked to Hanakapiai Beach and headed back for a couple’s massage. 🙂 Have to say – if I were to get a massage after any hike again, this one would be it! But the views were worth it!

Lithified cliffs near Poipu Beach, #Kauai - WholeIntentions.com

Lithified cliffs near Poipu Beach, Kauai. The way years of waves carved out sculptures like this one were marvelous to look at. We saw several whales here too. None close enough for a good picture though.

Shipwrecks Beach and the lithified cliffs - Poipu, #Kauai - WholeIntentions.com

Hiking near Shipwrecks Beach and the lithified cliffs. Sigh. I love that man.

exotic fruit from #Kauai - WholeIntentions.com

And while I can’t say every meal was the most selectively healthy items on the menu (c’mon – we’re on vacation!), we did keep a nice variety of fruit on hand for snacking.

We went to a farmer’s market one afternoon and came back with these exotic fruits to taste-test. Yum! We loved the sweet apple-bananas and starfruit. Left to right: apple-banana, tangelo, guava, mango, starfruit, and rambutan (the red spiky one – interestingly good!)

'Walking trees' in #Kauai - WholeIntentions.com

(“walking trees”)

A cacti tree on Kauai - WholeIntentions.com(A cactus pine tree? – seriously, it’s all cacti.)

Pink blooming cacti on #Kauai - WholeIntentions.com

Exposed tree roots on #Kauai beach - WholeIntentions.com

Pink and white flower on #Kauai - WholeIntentions.com

Purple #Kauai flowers - WholeIntentions.com

#Kauai flowers - WholeIntentions.com
And you can’t leave Kauai without admiring their flora and fauna. . .

#Kauai rooster - WholeIntentions.com

. . .not to mention the ever present roosters! These beautiful guys were everywhere – trails, parking lots, resorts, the beach. Isn’t he a fine fellow!


Part Two coming soon. . .




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