Gluten-Free Taco Soup

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Taco SoupLife has been busy this past month.To celebrate getting ‘back to normal’ I made a delicious taco soup recipe that my dear friend Melissa (remember the Pineapple-Glazed Dessert) brought to church last Sunday. It was delicious!And even better – baby didn’t seem to mind the green peppers, onions, and spices. (Psst – that means I had two bowls for supper!)If you love tacos. If you love soup. If you love throwing ingredients into a crockpot and leaving it all day, you’ve gotta try this.

Taco Soup (egg-free, gluten-free, nut-free, sugar-free, yeast-free)

1/2 c. onions, diced
1/2 c. green or red peppers, diced
3 cloves of garlic, minced
1 lb. boneless skinless chicken breasts, cooked and shredded
1 t. chili powder
2 T. (or 1 pkg.) taco seasoning (or homemade mix)
16 oz. salsa
14 oz. whole corn kernels, drained
2 c. soaked and cooked black beans (or 14 oz. rinsed and drained)
2 c. soaked and cooked kidney beans (or 14 oz.rinsed and drained)
6 oz. tomato paste
1 qt. chicken stock
28 oz. diced tomatoes
8 oz. homemade sour cream

1. I love this part! Throw everything but the sour cream in a crockpot. (I use a 6 qt. crockpot and this recipe nearly fills it.) Turn it on low for about 3 hours.

2. Add the homemade sour cream and stir it well. Keep soup on low for about another 30 min. or until it is fully heated.

3. Serve with extra homemade sour cream and tortilla chips.



Don’t know where to purchase some of these ingredients? Visit our Whole Food Sources page.

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  1. Debbie @ Easy Natural Food says

    Yum, I bet this would be a tasty soup! Thanks so much for sharing with Sunday Night Soup Night, look forward to seeing you again soon!

  2. says

    This looks like such a cozy meal- I’m ready to sit at your table and eat a bowl right now! :) I am bookmarking this to try soon as I’ve been looking for more do-able crock pot recipes. Blessings to you!

  3. Sarah says

    This soup was tasty, thanks for the recipe. However, I think by soaked beans you meant soaked and cooked beans. Mine took over 7 hours for my beans to soften up after I soaked them overnight ( : If you are just using canned beans this soup will heat up in 3 hours no problem, but with soaked beans it takes at least double the time.

    • says

      Sarah, thanks for noticing that and for taking the time to come back and comment. Yes, I meant soaked and cooked beans – I’ve updated the recipe. Sorry you had to be the guinea pig!

  4. says

    My family loves tacos and soup so I am quite excited to try this recipe. It looks absolutely scrumptious. Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe on Allergy-Free Wednesdays!

  5. Keely says

    I have two little girls – 1 and 3. They always seem to start breaking down around the time that I need to be making dinner so I have been searching for slow cooker meals to try. We are a vegan family and it has been difficult to find really good slow cooker recipes. They’re often quite boring. Well, this was so good! I was a little dubious, but I am so glad that I gave this a try. I changed a few things by using fresh diced tomatoes instead of canned, frozen corn, homemade veggie broth, a meat substitute, and a homemade cashew sour cream. We topped ours with baked tortilla chips and fresh avocado. I seriously can’t wait to have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Thank you!

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