Safe/Unsafe Gluten-Free Food List

A safe and unsafe list of #glutenfree foods by

A safe and unsafe list of #glutenfree foods by

I like to think on the positive side of things, don’t you? Instead of looking at what you can’t eat when you’re gluten-free, let’s focus on what you can eat. If you need to avoid gluten, feast your eyes and taste buds on this list of safe gluten-free foods:

Safe gluten-free foods

Gluten-free grains and alternative flours

Gluten-free vegetables
All vegetables are gluten-free (Be cautious of floured or breaded vegetables, or those in sauces)

Gluten-free protein (beans, eggs, meat, and fish)

  • All legumes and beans (unless they’ve been combined with or are packaged with gluten-containing ingredients)
  • Eggs (make sure pre-made omelets don’t have wheat starch added for fluffiness)
  • All meats: beef, poultry, fish, etc. (unless they’re floured, breaded, or cooked in wheat-thickened sauces)

Gluten-free fruits
All fruits are gluten-free (unless they’ve been combined with or are packaged with gluten-containing ingredients)

Gluten-free beverages

clear glass of gluten-free water(source)

Do you see a pattern here? Whole foods, those eaten as close to their natural state as possible, are safe. It’s the packaged, pre-mixed, convenience foods that become a problem. If you haven’t already, you’ll soon find yourself a ‘label reader’. It’s so common in our house that even my five-year-old ‘reads’ the labels and declares them safe to eat.

When you do buy something with a list of unpronounceable ingredients, check it with the Safe Gluten-Free Food List posted by Scott Adams of This list is quite extensive.

Hidden gluten

Gluten hides under many different names. Any of the following words on food labels should make you wary, though it depends on where and how they are made. It may be necessary to check with the manufacturer first.

  • artificial flavors
  • brown rice syrup caramel color*
  • coloring
  • dextrin*
  • emulsifier
  • flavoring
  • glucose syrup
  • ground spices
  • hydrolyzed plant protein (hydrolyzed vegetable protein (hvp), textured vegetable protein (tvp)(unless made from soy or corn)
  • mono-and diglycerides
  • monosodium glutimate (msg)*
  • mustard powder
  • natural flavors
  • rice syrup
  • soy sauce or soy sauce solids (unless you know they don’t contain wheat – La Choy, San-J Organic Tamari, Coconut Secret’s Amino Acids, and Dr. Bragg’s amino acids are considered safe)
  • starch* (modified starch*, modified food starch* (unless specified as arrowroot, corn, potato, tapioca, waxy maize, or maize)
  • vegetable gum (unless specified as carob bean gum, locust bean gum, cellulose gum, guar gum, gum arabic, gum aracia, gum tragacanth, or xanthan gum)
  • vegetable starch
  • vitamins (may contain gluten from the manufacturing process)

*This ingredient is considered safe if made in North America.

Unsafe gluten foods

Gluten-containing grains/flours

  • barley
  • bulgar
  • couscous
  • durum
  • einkorn
  • emmer
  • farina
  • faro
  • graham
  • kamut
  • malt
  • matzoh meal
  • oats*
  • rye
  • semolina
  • spelt
  • triticale
  • wheat
  • wheat germ
  • wheat starch

*Oats themselves don’tt contain gluten. The problem is with the manufacturing process – most oats are processed in facilities that also process wheat. There are companies that produce oats without the wheat contamination.

For a more specific list of what ingredients contain gluten, read through the Unsafe Gluten-Free Food List at

Gluten-Free Food List: What is (and isn't!) safe


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  • Tessa

    Reply Reply June 25, 2012

    Wow! Thanks so much for the list and tips. My mom is gluten free and I’m always trying to find new things for her to eat (she keeps to a pretty limited diet out of wariness). This is great info.

    (found you via Flour Me with Love)

  • Someone just pointed out to me recently that some spice mixes contain flour, and that nuts often are coated in flour!

  • Great article. awesome content I look forward to reading your
    other posts. 🙂

  • Rosanne Toro

    Reply Reply May 12, 2015

    Nice website, Paula, as many of us are seeking to be gluten-free. My sister who is “super-sensitive” tells me that there is no oat flour left in the U.S. that can be trusted to not be cross-contaminated. Do you have any further information on the subject of oats?

    • Paula

      Reply Reply May 15, 2015

      No, I’m sorry, since we’re not that sensitive, it’s not been something I’ve looked into in detail.

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