We’re all about preparing and eating whole foods: raw milk, sourdough, & healthy fats. We talk about health and candida, raising vegetables and chickens, and homeschooling our kids. And we’re grounded in the knowledge that we serve a wise and sovereign God.

Clean-Eating Real Food Snacks | Whole Intentions

Clean-Eating, Real Food Snacks

You've decided that you want to eat clean. You want to eat real food that's as God made it - without any weird ingredients. But then you get hungry, and you realize you have NOTHING to snack on. I put … [Read More...]

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Rend Your Heart

Rend Your Heart

A little over a year ago I stood in the tree-covered hills west of Jerusalem, Israel, at a Messianic Jewish-Christian moshav (collective community) named Yad HaShmona, staring at a bronze statue. … [Read More...]

It's so easy to pretend to be a Christian on Sundays, but neglect our faith the rest of the week. We need to examine ourselves and see if our claim to Christian faith is genuine!

Is Your Claim to Faith Genuine?

(source) The New Testament book of Romans is one of the key places in the Bible that teach us what genuine, saving faith in God looks like. I often hear people say, “But I believe in God,” and then … [Read More...]

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Do you suffer from candida or yeast overgrowth? Are you ready to start an effective candida diet? We'd like to give you a helping hand with our detailed menu planner and delicious candida cookbooks!

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