We’re all about preparing and eating whole foods: raw milk, sourdough, & healthy fats. We talk about health and candida, raising vegetables and chickens, and homeschooling our kids. And we’re grounded in the knowledge that we serve a wise and sovereign God.

Butterscotch Memories - WholeIntentions.com

Butterscotch Memories

(source) When you raise children, instinct kicks in and you learn through experience when to tune in and when to sneak out the back door with the newspaper under one arm, coffee in your hand, and let … [Read More...]

November Pie Round Up - WholeIntentions.com

November Round Up: Pie, Pie, Pie!

Some of us are cake eaters, some of us prefer cookies or bars above anything else, and then there's those of us that would do cartwheels for a slice of pie. Certain pies seems better than average … [Read More...]

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Kids and Chores

Kids and Chores

(source) Do you struggle with getting your kids motivated to do their chores? And more importantly, do you need some help around the house? I know I have definitely needed to rely on my kids some … [Read More...]

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Do You Have Biter's Remorse - WholeIntentions.com

Do You Have Biter’s Remorse?

(source) We have all heard about buyer’s remorse. Who among us hasn’t regretted a purchase in a store or from a particular vender? Well, this morning I had biter’s remorse. I picked up a promising … [Read More...]

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