We’re all about preparing and eating whole foods: raw milk, sourdough, & healthy fats. We talk about health and candida, raising vegetables and chickens, and homeschooling our kids. And we’re grounded in the knowledge that we serve a wise and sovereign God.

Favorite #PumpkinRecipes by blogging cooks around the web! - WholeIntentions.com

October Round-Up: Pumpkin Recipes

(source) Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Boots. Sweaters. Falling leaves. And pumpkin. Yummy, yummy pumpkin. Get your baking spices ready, your taste buds pumped, and your carving knives … [Read More...]

DIY #homemade canned fresh garden salsa by WholeIntentions.com

Garden Fresh Salsa

Plump red tomatoes, crisp green peppers, and cilantro waving in the breeze - it's the perfect recipe for canning garden fresh salsa! Last year our garden consisted of a few tomato plants. The … [Read More...]

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Find out why Teflon is out and #CastIron is here to stay at WholeIntentions.com!

Why Do We Love Our Cast Iron?

(source) Why do so many people love their cast iron? For us, it started one sunny, summer day when Travis brought home a box of rusty cast iron pans he'd found at a garage sale. I tucked the box … [Read More...]

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I Miss the Person I Thought You Were - WholeIntentions.com

I Miss the Person I Thought You Were

Quite some time ago someone shared with me the expression that is the title for this post. The particular context of that conversation is not the key concept that I want to focus on, however. It is … [Read More...]

Have you ever wondered this #moral question, "No One Would Have Known, Would They?" - WholeIntentions.com

No One Would Have Known, Would They?

(source) I received a package today that I had been waiting for. It was delayed a bit getting to my house, so, quite frankly, I was a bit frustrated that I had to wait so long for it to arrive. And … [Read More...]

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